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The discovery board "Enjoy"
The discovery board "Enjoy" contains various elements that promote the development of toddlers, but offer unrestrained pleasure above everything. The board is designed via the Montessori theory, briefly explained that a way to help develop children through positive stimulation (for example playing or toys). In short, a great investment for the future of your child.

explanation discovery board
The unique discovery board consists of elements that toddlers can use. In this way the board unconsciously stimulates its development and skills such as agility and creativity. The elements are made on different levels of difficulty. This ensures that the child can also continue to learn from the discovery board in his development and that older / younger children will also enjoy it. The attributes help in different ways, such as:

  • The shoe to learn to tie laces (agility);
  • De Pijp for a cause-effect process;
  • The switch with the LED lights stimulates the reaction power to light;
  • There is a horn on the board that helps to broaden cognitive knowledge;
  • The maze promotes logical thinking and tenacity;
  • The plug and the socket for agility (completely safe to use).
  • The board can be hung on the wall. As a result, the board will never stand in the way and the child can easily reach it if you hang it low enough. For every interior there is a unique board that fits, so it is an excellent addition to your interior.

Why do the Woobiboo products differ from other toys?
With every step in production, quality and safety is number 1. The toys of Woobiboo meets the international security standards. In addition, the toy has the two certificates PN-EN-71-1 and PN-EN-71-2. They confirm how safe the toy is. Water -based paint has been used and the wood is of high quality, in which all products used are ecological.

promote development
Developing play is the best way to Starting with your child's learning process. The discovery board is a simple and very entertaining plate that helps your child well developing different skills. Consider skills such as recognizing colors, shapes, sounds and your child learns agility. For example, the discovery boards are an introduction of daily life.

attractiveness design
Due to the attractive shape of the board and the specifically assembled colors, the board becomes an attribute that is perfect at Your interior will fit. For every unique interior there is a plate or a color that goes well together. In addition to being a big advantage, the various colors help with the child to observe color and color combinations.

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