Questions about the products

1. Which materials are used for the toys?

All products comply with the European Toy Directive. The children's alarm clocks and night lights are primarily made of silicone and are BPA-free (non-toxic). The musical instruments are made of sustainable wood, specifically pine and beech wood (both fast-growing trees). Additionally, our products are made from legally obtained raw materials and are manufactured without child labor, following socially responsible practices.
Yes, certainly, that's possible now! You can find the universal remote controls in the webshop among the animal nightlights. Additionally, we now also offer the individual (replaceable) LED bulbs for the nightlights. Separate USB-mini cables are also available for the animal nightlights (and USB-C cables for the children's alarm clocks).
Yes, the silicone cover can be washed BY HAND. You can clean the surface with a damp cloth. However, the silicone covers are NOT suitable for the (dish)washing machine.
Do not submerge the toy in water. Use a damp, soft cloth to clean the toy. Do not use cleaning agents. Do not leave the toy outside or in a humid environment. Keep the toy away from heat sources and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The materials used are safe and tested according to the latest European guidelines. Regularly check the toy for wear and any damage. Do not use the toy if it is damaged. By following the above advice, you will enjoy your toy for many years to come.
Our products come with a six-month warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing and design defects. The warranty does not apply if the product is worn or damaged due to use, for example, if the product has been dropped, or if parts of an item have been lost. If you wish to make use of the warranty, please send a message via the contact form or via email to Please include the order number, order date, your name, a description of the defect, and a photo of the defect. If the product was not purchased through our webshop, we kindly ask you to return it to the (online) store where you made the purchase.
For our products, we recommend an age of 3 years and older. Some products (such as the night lights) could be used at a younger age, but due to small parts (such as the charging cable and remote control), we advise from 3 years old.
Sometimes, you can find night lights online that may seem similar to the Kadoing night lights. However, the Kadoing night lights are larger in size, more creatively designed, have a larger battery capacity, and do not topple over during charging. Additionally, the Kadoing night lights come with a remote control and multiple light functions. Overall, they are of better quality, ensuring that your child will enjoy them more and for a longer period of time.
The bear and rabbit children's alarm clocks are both white/transparent in color. The various colors in the images represent the RGB colors of the clock in nightlight mode.
The wooden musical instrument set is specially designed for (young) children and falls under the category of toy instruments. The dimensions are also illustrated in an image on the product page for reference.
As in Ka-doing. Just think of Kaboing, as if you're giving something a little tap and it springs back.