Healthy children, happy children, these are the main pillars of health

gezondheid kind sporten

Healthy children are happy children, and logically so, because as humans, when we experience health issues, our first wish is to regain optimal health. There are quite a few things that influence our health, both mentally and physically, and that's why today in this blog, we'll go through the most important aspects to keep your child healthy. As parents, that's what we want most, isn't it?

A healthy body is in motion

The importance of sports and play for the health of our children is generally well known. Not only does sufficient physical activity help burn calories and contribute to a healthy weight, it also has positive effects on the mental well-being of your child. Did you know, for example, that sufficient physical activity slows down dementia and combats depression? In addition to these mental benefits, physical activity also has a positive influence on cognitive development. Your children will truly experience these benefits once they are active for an hour daily, with three times a week being twenty minutes of intensive activity. So what are we waiting for? Time for a good walk, a game of football, or an afternoon of cycling.

A good night's sleep ensures healthy children

Just like physical activity, sufficient sleep is essential for the health of your child. Good sleep ensures that the day's experiences are better stored in the brain. Your child becomes faster, wiser with a good night's sleep. Sleep also contributes to physical and mental health. Children who sleep well are less irritable, better able to focus, and the risk of depression decreases. In addition, sufficient sleep makes it easier for your little one to maintain a healthy weight, as the craving for unhealthy food decreases. This reduces the risk of diseases. Want to know how to promote a healthy night's sleep? Be sure to read through our previous blog on sleep.

Food is at its best when it's delicious and healthy

The last factor in the triangle of health is undoubtedly our diet. We all have our guilty pleasures, and we'll be the last to say that you should "have" to give them all up. Nutrition is about finding a balance. There are many ways to make your child's diet healthier, and the best practices vary by age group. However, a common topic today is the consumption of sugar and fast food. These food sources give us a short energy boost, but after a short time, we're hungry again. As a sustainable toy brand, we highly recommend using as many natural products as possible.

How do you ensure that your child has a healthy future?

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