Wooden toys are back! 4 reasons to choose wooden toys

Houten speelgoed is back! 4 redenen om voor houten speelgoed te kiezen

A kitchen set, a block box, or a dollhouse, wooden toys used to be extremely popular. Surely, you had wooden toys as a child too. However, wooden toys have disappeared from the toy scene over time. Good news for enthusiasts of this type of toy, as in recent years, it has made a comeback! In this article, you'll find four reasons why you should also choose wooden toys.

  1. Timeless Appeal

Wooden toys are timeless. Perhaps because wood is often used for classic toys like dollhouses or musical instruments. You might even have a wooden toy set lying in the attic that you can delight your children with. Prefer something new? Take a look at Kadoing's wooden toy set, timeless, good for development, and provides hours of fun. Tip: Keep the wooden toys! Who knows, you might pass it down to your grandchildren.

  1. Safety of Wooden Toys

We all want the best for our children. It's not surprising that we want the toys they play with to be safe. Plastic might not be the most obvious option. During the production of plastic toys, harmful substances are often released, which are not good for your child. This is especially problematic for small children who put everything in their mouths. This is not the case with wood. There are no harmful substances, so if your child puts wooden toys in their mouth, there's no need to worry.

  1. Increasing Options

Many people still believe that wooden toys are boring or limiting. But nowadays, you have many more choices. A dollhouse remains fun, but have you ever considered a wooden dinosaur skeleton that you have to assemble or a wooden musical set? Also, the quality of the toys themselves has become much finer.

  1. Sustainable Choice for a Gift

Not only is wooden toys more environmentally friendly than plastic, but they also last much longer. So, wooden toys are the perfect solution for people looking for a sustainable gift for children.

Do you already know what wooden toy you're going to buy?

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