With these 6 tips, your child will go back to school with pleasure!

Met deze 6 tips gaat jouw kind weer met plezier terug naar school!

Although the summer vacation is still far away, we know from experience that it will be over in no time. From relaxed afternoons and fun activities like visiting the zoo, it's back to school and early bedtime! Not only do parents need to readjust to this new routine, but children also need time to adapt to the new pace. To make the transition from summer vacation to school easier for you, we have six tips that will make it a lot easier!

  1. School Supplies and Essentials

Before your child returns to school, it's always advisable to check if you need any new school supplies. Are the lunchboxes, water bottles, and other lunchtime items still in good condition? Did your child receive a list of new supplies to get from school? These are all things you can arrange well in advance.

  1. Get Your Agenda in Order

Once the summer vacation is over, all other obligations resume. Think about sports, swimming lessons, hobbies, and other important appointments. To keep track of everything, it's a good idea to take out your agenda in advance. Discuss with each other what the schedules are and how you can divide the planning and tasks together. This will save a lot of stress in the end.

  1. Reestablish Your Regular Sleep Routine

During the summer, and especially during vacation, children tend to stay up later. As late bedtimes become a habit during the summer vacation, it's advisable to revert to the old routine as the end of summer vacation approaches. Start putting your child to bed early at least one week in advance. This way, they can get used to the routine, making it much easier to wake up when school starts again.

  1. Do a Deep Clean

A tidy house brings peace of mind. Since you still have the space and time to check off small tasks and give the house a thorough cleaning, don't miss this opportunity. The advantage? During the deep clean, you can also prepare all the school supplies and check if there are any items missing or need to be replaced!

  1. End the Summer Vacation in Style

Many children find it daunting to return to school after a long period of freedom. Prepare your child for the fact that school is about to start again. One way to do this is to end the vacation in style. Plan all sorts of fun activities in the last week before the summer vacation ends, visit the zoo, playground, or museums together. This way, you'll fondly look back on all the fun activities and at the same time, you can tell your child that the vacation is coming to an end.

  1. Ensure the First Week Goes Smoothly

The first week of school after the summer vacation can be overwhelming for children. They reunite with their friends, get homework, and need to pay attention in class. It's advisable to take it easy, especially during the first week of school. Don't fill up the schedule completely and take the time to ask each other about your day.

So, but first, let's go enjoy the vacation!

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