My child isn't sleeping well, what now?

Mijn kind slaapt niet goed, wat nu?

A good night's sleep is essential. As a parent, you naturally notice first when your child isn't sleeping well. Nights where you're woken up multiple times by the sound of a crying child or breakfast, where you suddenly see a less cheerful face. No, your child's disrupted sleep is far from ideal. That's why we're happy to share our tips so you can get your child's sleep back on track. And when your child sleeps better, you'll benefit the next morning too.

Your child sleeps better with less screen time in the evening

The effect of screens on people's sleep is well known: the blue light tricks our brain. The brain thinks it's not yet time to sleep. To improve your little one's sleep, a good first step is to reduce screen time after dinner. Nowadays, there are also blue light filters on devices, reducing the negative effect of screens. A good alternative if your child wants to play a game on their phone in the evening.

Fixed bedtimes and bedtime rituals ensure a consistent sleep

We humans tend to adjust our sleep ritual to our lives. That's not always wise, as research shows. We all know that getting eight hours of sleep is important to be fit and vital every day. But did you know that sticking to fixed times is just as important? If your child goes to bed and gets up at the same time every day, the brain gets used to that routine. In addition to fixed times, fixed sleep rituals are also valuable for a good night's sleep. Children love stories. So, a bedtime reading ritual is an excellent option. This way, your child will sleep like a baby again.

The bedroom is really only for sleeping

Bedrooms are becoming increasingly functional. One bedroom is transformed into a play paradise while another bedroom is equipped with a computer and television. What's the result? That distraction in the bedroom disrupts sleep. Therefore, ensure that the bedroom is only used for sleeping so the brain knows what's coming when you enter the room. Namely: "in the bedroom, I'm going to sleep".

Use a children's alarm clock to keep the mobile phone out

You follow all the above tips. Your child goes to bed every day at eight in the evening and gets up at half-past seven in the morning. In the evening, your child doesn't use the phone, and in the bedroom, there are only the bed and the wardrobe. Yet, your child isn't sleeping well. What's the reason? That mobile phone is still being used after bedtime to play games. A good alternative to the phone as an alarm clock is a sustainable interactive children's alarm clock. This keeps the phone out of the bedroom. Do you want to buy a children's alarm clock for your little one? Check out our assortment for alarm clocks that are much more fun than a phone ringtone. These also feature a night light, wake-up light, and sleep trainer function, so your little one knows when to go to bed and when to get up – and above all, feels safe at night.

How do you ensure your child can sleep well?

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