To preschool? These are familiar situations for parents!

Naar de peuterspeelzaal? Dit zijn herkenbare situaties als ouder!

As soon as children turn two and a half, they are allowed to go to preschool. Here they can go until they are four years old. At preschool, children learn to play together with others and make new friends. Additionally, preschool is also good preparation for primary school. Here are a few recognizable situations when your child first goes to preschool.

Play, learn, and develop

Preschool is the moment for children to develop their social skills. Think of cooperating with peers, resolving conflicts, and the importance of sharing. Children also learn small tasks and rules at preschool, which help ease the transition to primary school. In short, it's an experience full of new life lessons.

Playing in a group

In many cases, preschool is the first time children have to function in a group. This can sometimes be challenging but is incredibly beneficial for children. They learn to stand up for themselves, communicate their needs, and most importantly, interact with others. Playing together at preschool can lead to the first friendships, how adorable is that?

Peace at home

Although we may not always want to admit it, we all crave some time for ourselves. Especially in the early years, young children struggle to be alone, resulting in parents sacrificing their alone time. When they go to preschool, suddenly you have a gap of time in your day. Finally, some much-needed peace that you're allowed to enjoy!

 Saying goodbye

Although preschool is only for a few hours a day, saying goodbye can be emotional the first few times. This is something all parents, but also children themselves, have to go through. Therefore, don't make the goodbye unnecessarily difficult or prolonged. You'll find that it becomes easier over time, truly! This way, children gain more confidence and learn to be self-reliant.

 Runny noses and flu

One downside of sending your child to preschool: more runny noses and colds! When children go to preschool, they suddenly come into contact with other children. This also means exposure to new bacteria and viruses. However, this is harmless and actually beneficial for your child's immune system. Over time, they'll get sick less frequently.

Is your child going to preschool for the first time soon? How is the experience for you as a parent?

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