Tip! This is the toy you give to 1-year-old children

Tip! Dit speelgoed geef je aan kinderen van 1 jaar

When children are old enough to sit and crawl independently, they begin to explore the world around them. Nothing is as enjoyable as watching children play and develop during this phase. But what kind of toys do you give children around their first year of life? We've compiled all the important information for you in this blog.

Stimulate your child's development with the right toys

When children start playing, it's best to give them 'simple' toys. Think of building blocks or, for example, a musical instrument like a drum. Children are still exploring during the first years of their lives, and these types of toys offer plenty of challenges. As we mentioned in a previous blog, playing with such toys can stimulate hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Here are a few other toy ideas for children around this age:

  • Toys that help your child learn to crawl, such as a car or other wheeled toys.
  • We've said it before and we'll say it again: books. Pointing out pictures or listening to a story is incredibly beneficial for a child's development.
  • Toys that help your child learn to walk. Some children are already taking cautious steps around this age. A walking aid further encourages this development.

Pay attention to age recommendations

Toy stores nowadays have an abundance of toys. Choosing the right toy for your child can be overwhelming. The age recommendation on the toy packaging can help you choose. It provides information about the age of children for whom the toy is suitable. Of course, every child develops at their own pace. So, don't solely rely on the age recommendation but use it as a helpful guideline.

Materials in toys

We increasingly see toys made from sustainable sources. This means that the materials used to make the toys are often child and environmentally friendly. Think of wood instead of plastic toys, or toys that are not easily breakable or have sharp edges. Tip: also choose toys that challenge your child. Learning through play is the way to go for children of this age.

Second-hand toys

You don't always have to pay top dollar for toys. There are plenty of sustainable and affordable options. You can find these online or in thrift stores, for example. Another reason to go for second-hand: children often don't use toys for extended periods. Take advantage of this!

During play, children develop new skills and learn to socialize with others. But above all, playing is about having fun, both alone and with others.

What kind of toys do you choose?

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