The importance of toys in children's development

Speelgoed goed voor ontwikkeling

From traditional toys such as hugs and blocks, to modern toys such as video games and robots. Children use toys to stimulate their imagination and creativity, to develop their skills and to express themselves. In other words, it is the key to discovering, experimenting and developing your skills and emotions. In this blog you can read why toys are exactly so good for the education of children and we share three different types of challenging toys for your child.

How does toys contribute to the development of my child?

Toys plays an important role in the development of children because it helps to develop different skills and aspects of their growth. Here are some of the most important ways in which toys contribute to the development of children:

    1. Physical development: Toys helps to strengthen the fine motor skills of children, such as holding pens or building blocks, and strengthening the coarse motor skills, such as running and jumping.
    2. Cognitive development: By playing with toys, children develop the ability to think logically, solve problems and improve their memory. Just look at puzzles or board games, they help your child to think and learn independently.
    3. Emotional development: Also for expressing and learning to understand emotions in others helps toys. For example, dolls or action figures help children to mimic situations and express emotions.
    4. Social development: Toys helps to develop social skills, such as collaboration, communication and entering into relationships. Consider, for example, games or building blocks that encourage children to work together and communicate with their boyfriends and girlfriends.
    5. Creative development: And what about the development of creativity, fantasy and exploring your talents? Consider, for example, crafts, drawing, painting or other forms of play and toys where the imagination must be used. Where toys are not good for!


3 types of challenging toys for children

Of course we can't write a blog about toys that are good for children without making a few good recommendations. That is why we have three examples of challenging toys here for your little one:

A children's alarm clock is a top tool for parents who want to help their little ones in a fun way with learning to clock. The advantage: these alarm clocks are also fun for the children themselves! Such a nice alarm clock helps them to learn time, self -discipline and a healthy sleep routine, also nice for the parents who want to be in bed for a little longer during the weekend. With a children's alarm clock, children can learn how to better organize and manage their time, what prepares them at school and, for example, other activities. Do you already have a children's alarm clock at home?

Look, a night light! This cozy light helps children to feel nice and safe while they are in dreamland. The night light gives a soft glow that takes away the fear of dark and reassures children when they wake up at night. Moreover, it helps to build a healthy sleep routine, so that children can fall asleep. In short, this Baby Shark night light is a handy help for parents with difficult sleepers.

A block party in a box! This is how children see this block box. It is a great way for children to grow physically, cognitive, emotionally and socially while they are playing. The fine motor skills are reinforced when you grab and put cubes, as if you were a real builder. In addition, the brain also gets a workout by solving construction puzzles and creating fantastic buildings. This block box is also suitable for playing together. It is a party for the senses, where children can let their imagination run free. In short, with a wooden block box a new adventure becomes every day!

So much choice in toys for your child, but which toys do you choose?

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