The holidays: a time to be together

De feestdagen: een tijd van samen zijn

Welcoming the month of December, with all its splendor. The month of Sinterklaas and Christmas. It's early dark outside, and during dinner, you sit with your family at the table while it's snowing outside. For most of us, it's a special time because we're together with our family.

The Traditions That Come with the Holidays

Holidays, most of us mainly think of Sinterklaas, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. Sinterklaas has already returned to Spain and has spoiled our youth once again. Christmas is approaching. During Christmas, we enthusiastically decorate a fir tree with lanterns, baubles, garlands, and a star. The Christmas dinner has also become a tradition in most kitchens. The children? They are especially curious about the gifts that Santa Claus will place under the tree for them. What toys are in the box this year? Later in life, they often reminisce about unwrapping the presents next to a warm stove, with that green illuminated tree in the living room. During New Year's Eve? Then all the fireworks light up the sky. The first time your little one sees the fireworks is a special moment. As a parent, you want everything to go well while your child watches all the colors forming in the sky. So, stay indoors, and if you go outside, stay at a safe distance and wear safety glasses. Enjoy these beautiful holidays - but safely.

With which family & friends will you be celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve?

Family and Friends: The People Important to Your Child

The highlight of December is undoubtedly being together. "All you need is love" fills the TV screens in our living rooms "Because no one should be alone at Christmas." You mainly want to be with your children. The holidays are an ideal time to strengthen your bond. Just being together without any obligations. Learning to appreciate togetherness helps your little one to bond with other people more easily later in life. This way, they make friends more quickly at school.

The Power of Reflection and Gratitude for Your Child

Did you know that gratitude is one of the strongest emotions in our lives? Try feeling unhappy while feeling gratitude at the same time. It's impossible. Gratitude makes us reflect on what we do have. It's also good for your children to feel grateful. What have they learned over the past year, what did they enjoy doing, and who was there for them? By teaching your child to be grateful, you develop their resilience later in life.

Your Child Learns What Giving Is

In life, we all recognize those moments. You gave something to someone else. It felt good to do so. That memory has stuck with you so far. After all, you helped someone. The chances are they'll help you in return. Christmas is the festival of giving. You can take advantage of this by teaching your little one what giving means. For example, donate a small amount to a charity together or give toys that are no longer played with to the thrift store. But giving doesn't have to be material. Your children can also learn to keep company with lonely peers at school. That might be the most beautiful way of giving.

A Warm Greeting for You and Your Child

In any case, we wish you very happy and warm holidays. Enjoy them with your family. Have fun during the festivities and be with the people who matter most.

What things are you grateful for in life?

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