The Best Night Lights

De beste nachtlampjes

For those in search of a night light for the baby's, toddler's, or preschooler's bedroom, there's a vast array to choose from. To make the selection process easier, we've not only compiled the four best but also the most beautiful options.

A baby's room and light. That's quite a thing. When you have to change a diaper in the middle of the night, bright light is the last thing you and your baby want. A night light with soft dimmed light is then a solution.

Since we have a preschooler plagued by nightmares in our house, the night light by her bed is also a lifesaver. With soft light, the dark room in the middle of the night is less scary, and she can still sleep well.

Soft Light

This brings us to the first important point: a night light should emit soft light. With too much or too bright light, your baby will sleep worse because they stay awake due to the light. A few other important points: a night light should be safe and easy to operate.

But what are the best night lights?

There are a lot of night lights available, ranging from a few euros to almost 200 euros. Price doesn't always say something about quality. That's why we've compiled the best night lights for you.


A night light disguised as a fox, unicorn, rabbit, owl, or bear. During the day, you can play with it, and at night, the animal gives light. This lamp comes with a remote control, allowing you to choose from different colors, adjust the brightness of the light, and set a timer. This way, you can use the night light entirely according to your needs.


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