Durable wooden toys: these are the best options for January!

houten speelgoed januari

More and more Dutch families are opting for wooden toys. From building toys to educational toys and from classic toys to the latest gadgets, there is something for everyone. But what are fun, sustainable gifts that your child enjoys for hours? We have selected a few educational options, perfect to give as a gift!

Why wooden toys?

There are several reasons why wooden toys is a good choice for your child. Firstly, wood is a sustainable raw material, which means that wooden toys is an environmentally friendly choice. Wood is a natural material, safe for children to play with. Therefore, no chemicals or other harmful substances are released, in contrast to plastic toys. In addition, wooden toys often offers more challenge and development opportunities for children than other types of toys. Wooden toys stimulates more movement and creativity in children because it calls to them.

Wooden toy blocks

Wooden toy blocks are a popular choice for children of all ages, and for good reasons. Toy blocks are a simple but versatile toys that help children develop their fine motor skills, spatial insight and problem -solving skills. At the same time, this toy provides hours of fun. The Wooden music set

wooden music set should not be missing in this list. Just like the wooden toy blocks, this set is made of sustainable wood. From drums, maracas and castagnets to tambourine: this wooden music set contains enough choice to stimulate the musical talent of your child. The different instruments of the set are easy to use and can be passed on to future generations. That makes this music set a valuable addition to the toy collection of every family!

Wooden walker

Walkers are a fun and challenging play option for children from about 18 months. They help develop skills such as balance, coordination and balance. Moreover, playing with a walker can help improve fine motor skills of hands and fingers. This is helping children to write and tinker better at a later age. The Wooden walker from Brio is exactly such a walker. A beautifully finished car in a flashy yellow-red color. The push bar of the wooden walker can be placed in 2 different positions. This way you can use the car for children who still have to take their first steps, but it is also a nice gift for children who can already walk.

Giving presents is a fun and meaningful way to strengthen the connection with others. Both for adults and for the little ones a fun activity!

What are you going to give on the next children's birthday?

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