Sustainable toys: why they are the best option for your child

Duurzaam speelgoed: dit is waarom het de beste optie is voor je kind

A sustainable lifestyle and sustainable products are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands, and this trend extends to the toy industry. Think of toys made from sustainable materials such as wood and organic cotton, or those with plastic-free and easily biodegradable packaging. Nothing is too much when it comes to contributing to the environment. Not only is sustainable toys good for the environment, but the organic materials from which they are made are also better for your child's health. Plus, they're fun to play with! In this article, you'll learn all about the benefits of sustainable toys.

  1. Sustainable toys are made from better materials

Did you know that more than 90% of all children's toys worldwide are made of plastic? Not only is plastic toys incredibly harmful to the environment, but much of this toy also contains harmful substances for your child. To avoid exposing your child to these harmful substances, it's better to opt for a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative. Sustainable toys can be made from various materials, such as wooden blocks or toys made of natural rubber. Both materials are environmentally friendly and safe to play with.

  1. Sustainable toys help develop the senses

When you walk into a toy store, plastic toys often immediately catch your attention. These toys often try to attract your child's attention through bright colors, sounds, and intense lights. However, these attention-grabbing toys are often less beneficial for the sensory development of children. Therefore, it's a good idea to choose wooden toys. This sustainable toy stimulates your child's senses because the smell, texture, and weight of wood make it a stimulating toy that helps develop the senses.

  1. Sustainable toys promote creativity and imagination

Wooden toys are often simpler or coarser in structure than plastic toys, for example. This is because the toy cannot be made in a factory right away. This encourages your child to use and develop their imagination. For example, a simple set of building blocks can help with your child's motor development, especially when they learn to stack the blocks one by one or sort them by color.

  1. Sustainable toys are much safer for your child

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and safe. So why not consider this when buying toys for your child? As discussed above, plastic toys contain many harmful substances that endanger your child's health. Also, the small pieces of plastic that can be swallowed by your child pose a risk. Especially for children who often put various things in their mouths. With sustainable toys, often made of wood, you avoid toxic substances and the risk of choking. This makes sustainable toys the safest option for your child. 

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