Sustainable or back in time? These are the toy trends of 2022

Duurzaam of terug in de tijd? Dit zijn dé speelgoedtrends van 2022

Nowadays the range of toy stores is huge. Great fun for children of course, but that can sometimes make it difficult to find a suitable gift as a parent, or as a grandfather or grandmother. That is why we made an overview with the toy trends of 2022. Need inspiration? Then this blog is for you!


    1. Inclusivity and gender neutral is the way to go

    2. Barbie is for girls and action man is for boys. In 2022 that is really different. This way you will find more and more gender -neutral toys in the toy store. Not only does Toys become gender neutral, manufacturers also get more distance from the standard pink and blue -colored packaging. In addition to gender neutrality, we also see that diversity in skin color and representation of different groups in our society is a hot topic in Toy Land. There are already dolls on the market with Down's syndrome, albinism and of course also dolls with frizzy hair and a headscarf.



      1. Classics such as Barbie and LEGO remain popular

      2. The popularity of brands such as LEGO, Barbie and Playmobil remains unprecedented. These classic toy brands also remain popular in 2022. Classics such as Baby Born and Playmobil are not only fun to give to your child, this classic toys certainly evokes nice memories from when you were still small. And tell yourself, secretly LEGO is still fun to play with, also as an adult.



        1. Sustainable is hot!

        2. Sustainable Toys is becoming increasingly popular in Toy Land. And that is a good thing, because sustainable toys are better for the environment and for the health of your children. Where we used to see only sustainable toys made of wood, there are more and more different sustainable options to choose from. Think of toys made from bamboo, cork, or materials such as wool and safe rubber. Not only is the toys made of sustainable material, we also see toys appear on the market more and more often that children learn about the climate. A trend that we support 100%!



          1. Board games are back

          2. Maybe because of the many lockdowns, maybe because classics are always doing well, but board games are more popular than ever. Bord games offer the welcome distraction to the family or the family, certainly because young and old can participate. A few classic board games that you definitely know and are fun to give: monopoly, people are not annoyed or goose board. Or would you rather try something new? Then there are also newcomers such as Werewolves from Wakkerdam or My City. In short, in 2022 board games will remain fun to give and to get!



            1. Games and films Inspire toy makers

            2. Perhaps not a new trend or hype but certainly worth mentioning: toys based on games and films. For example, last year, chess became immensely popular after the success of The Queens Gambit on Netflix and it seems that Pokémon cards are also doing well among the youth.



              1. More toys from the old box!

              2. Not only do board games in 2022 are returning their entry, such as roller skates and marbles are completely hot again. Maybe you still have a bag of marbles in the attic or your old roller skates are in the cupboard. One thing is certain, this toy will remain extremely popular in 2022.


Do you already know what kind of toys you are going to buy for your child?

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