Study day? Here's what you can do with your child

Studiedag? Dit kun je samen met je kind gaan doen

Many schools still have study days. On these days, teachers are busy preparing lesson materials or attending to other matters. Children are therefore off on a study day. Generally, study days are communicated at the beginning of the school year, so make sure to mark them in your agenda to avoid surprises. Not sure what to do with your child during a study day? We've got a few ideas!

Cook Together

Prepare an elaborate breakfast or spend the day baking delicious treats together! These moments are often cherished times to enjoy each other's company without the need to rush. Plus, you'll have something tasty to enjoy together by the end of the day, perhaps with tea!

Visit a Museum or Amusement Park

Now that museums and amusement parks are open again, it might be a fun idea to visit one together. A museum offers a quieter option where your child can also learn something. But going to an amusement park on a weekday with mom or dad is every child's dream. An added bonus of visiting an amusement park on a weekday is avoiding long queues. Both options have their merits.

Relax Together

Given that children nowadays are constantly 'on,' it might not be a bad idea to relax together for a change. You could sleep in together, watch a movie on the couch, or simply spend some quiet time drawing or crafting at home. Other options for your 'relaxation day' include reading (together) or perhaps playing a fun board game.

Go to the Library Together

Reading is incredibly beneficial for your child's development. So, why not go to the library together on a study day and pick out a few books? You can then read a book together at home or read to your child. In both cases, you can relax together and enjoy reading. Want to make it extra fun? Ask your child to read to you for a change! That's sure to be a fun time together.

Go Shopping

The advantage of a study day is that places that are usually crowded on weekends are much quieter during the week. Think of the city, museums, amusement parks, or other places where many people go with their children on weekends. So, it's not a bad idea to go into town together on a study day. Another advantage: in the now quieter cities, you're less likely to lose sight of your child than when it's so crowded!

Take a Nature Walk

Taking a walk in nature can do wonders for both you and your child. It helps lower stress hormones in the body, and you can both enjoy some fresh air. Plus, your child can burn off some energy by playing outdoors. When you're sitting on the couch in the evening, the house will also be much quieter ;).

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