Soft Dreams & Cute Lights with Kadoing's Clocks and Nightlights for Children

Zachte Dromen & Schattige Lichten met  Kadoing’s wekkers en nachtlampjes voor  kinderen

There are plenty of young children who struggle to settle down when it's time to go to bed. This may be due to insufficient stimulation during the day, or perhaps it was too quiet or there was not enough play. But it could also be due to the transition from having too many stimuli around them followed by a dark, quiet room. By stimulating these senses in a calm and illuminated manner, children can still find their peace at their own pace, especially if your little one isn't yet comfortable falling asleep in the dark.


Children are naturally curious and love to explore and discover. They want to touch everything, feel it, play with it, and see what they can do with it before any explanation is given. Additionally, children who explore love to make their own choices about the steps they will take. With Kadoing's children's alarm clocks and night lights, children can apply their curiosity in a safe and playful manner.
In the online store, you'll find various night lights for children in cute animal designs like a fox, a bear, or a unicorn. Some are softer than others and can be safely squeezed and pressed by children without worry about getting hurt. With a simple press on the lamp, the little ones can choose their favorite color of the day. This can also be adjusted with a color remote control.


Kadoing's children's alarm clocks not only look cute but also serve as night lights with various adorable facial expressions. Let your children wake up peacefully with the automatic sunrise function. When you set the alarm, it will turn on a light 10 minutes before the alarm goes off, which will gradually get brighter.

 Just like any children's alarm clock, you can press the clock to snooze for 5 minutes. The clocks can work on both mains power and battery. A single battery charge lasts about two days, but no worries, the clock will notify you when it needs to be charged. If it goes into standby mode, all settings will be neatly preserved in memory.

Getting to Know and Learning Through Play

The night lights for children and children's alarm clocks can also be used during the day, of course. Let your child explore the worlds of light and time through beautiful and cute animals in their daily activities. The clock comes with 8 songs for them to choose from. Give them the opportunity to listen and choose which songs they want as their alarm. Also fun; Set the clock together so your little one can see and learn how to apply the settings. Give them the choice of choosing which colors and sounds they want and enjoy their smiles as they experience the wonders of exploration.

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