Relaxation for parents: the benefits of playing with your children

Ontspanning voor ouders door het samen spelen met je kinderen

We can't talk enough about it: playing is super important for children. But did you know that playing is also good for parents and adults? From relaxation and improved communication, to positive memories: In this blog you can read why you as a parent should play more!

The benefits of playing for parents

In Earlier Blog posts we have often raised it: playing is a must for children. In this way, playing with the physical, mental, social and emotional development of children helps. Play also encourages creativity and imagination, which in turn is good for the problem -solving capacity of your small.

But also for parents who play with their child there are countless benefits. This way you improve communication between you two and contributes to creating a strong bond. The result? A mountain of beautiful memories that you can pick up together later. Playing for adults is also a great way to relax and reduce stress. And what about physical health? Maybe you don't want to admit it yet, but we all get a day older. Nice fooling and moving with your little one ensures that you are less likely to get injuries and stay physically healthy for longer. Enough reasons to have fun together!

5 tips for playing with your children

Playing is fun and healthy. To get the most out of the moments with your little one and play together, we have five handy tips here:

  1. Create a leeway: Make sure there is a special space in the house where you can play little one and enjoy yourself. A play corner in the living room or a bedroom for example. It is especially important that the leeway is safe and that there is enough space to move and play for you two.
  2. Follow the leadership of your child: Let children choose which game they want to play and follow their leadership in this. It is important that children get the freedom to play and discover without too many restrictions or rules imposed. This is good for their self -confidence and communication skills.
  3. Play with educational toys: Choose toys that are not only fun, but also educational. There are many toy options available that help with the development of different skills, such as building blocks, puzzles, board games and books. If you do not yet know exactly what kind of toys you need, take a look at our "> Webshop !
  4. Make time for pleasure and laughing: No matter how busy we are as parents, it is always important to plan time for pleasure. Before you know it, the children are big and then playing together is no longer possible. Cherish this time. Because of this you not only strengthen the bond between parent and child, your little one will be grateful at a later age for the beautiful memories.
  5. End the playing time with a quiet activity: To end the playing time in a calm way, you can, for example, read a book or tinker together. This helps to reduce the excitement of playing and to facilitate the transition to a quiet activity. Especially before bedtime an important tip to remember!
      By playing with your children, you not only promote their development and the bond between you two, you also create positive memories together and you can relax after a day of work. With the help of our 5 tips for playing with your children, you ensure that playing is a fun and educational experience for both of you. So, go and play and don't forget to laugh and enjoy these beautiful moments together!


What are you going to do together today?

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