Playing indoors during the cold winter months

Binnen spelen tijdens de koude wintermaanden

The winter months have started again. This means that temperatures cool down considerably. Sometimes below freezing point, brr. Your children will play indoors more often in these cold times. That doesn't have to be a disadvantage at all. Playing outside has many benefits for your child's development, but your child also learns new things by playing indoors.

Playing indoors is essential for your child's development

Playing indoors means boundaries. Suddenly your child can't just go outside. The freedom to go where they want is gone for a while. That can be quite difficult for your little ones. It is at that moment that you as a parent can help with creative solutions. This way the phones and tablets stay put and your little hero still has a great time. Good news because your child's imagination gets free rein. And that is good for the development of the creative mind.

Our 6 tips to increase your children's indoor playing fun

Despite the temperatures, your child can have fun in many ways. As a parent you can help the little ones with this in a fun way. How? These are some of our tips:

  1. Create cozy corners: Transform a corner in your home into a true play corner. Decorate the room with colorful decorations such as streamers, posters or balloons. In no time your children will only be found here.

  2. Get creative: Drawing. Crafting, painting. All examples to release the creative spirit. These fun activities also promote dealing with emotions and promote sensory development.

  3. Play a board game: Healthy competition, nothing as exciting and thrilling as a good board game. Wins and losses also teach your child how to deal with setbacks or triumphs. This makes it a good alternative for sports and game activities.

  4. Make music together: Making music brings people together. The sounds of instruments form an orchestra. This way your little ones immediately learn how to work together to arrive at the right melody and your bond grows. Your child learns to rely on you.

  5. Sports and exercise: Yes, you can also exercise indoors. This also keeps you fit and healthy. Visit an indoor pool or a dance school. You can also exercise at home. Just think of Pilates or Yoga.

  6. Get started with building blocks: For example, choose wooden building blocks. Your child learns to think creatively by setting up a building. First your children think about what they want to make. Then they bring it to life. From fantasy to reality.

Don't forget to go outside

Are you going to play outside with the children in the coming months? Nice! You can also enjoy the outdoors during the winter months. Some activities can only be done outside in winter. For example, consider building a large snowman. But prepare your child well for the cold temperatures. Dress them warmly with a coat, scarf and warm shoes and be careful near water.

Playing indoors can be a lot of fun. How will you play with your children this winter period?

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