New Year's Eve with the kids: How to ring in the new year festively!

oudjaar met kinderen

2022, what a eventful year! Just a few days to go and then we'll all officially ring in the new year together. New Year's Eve can be a challenge for young parents. In this blog, we'll explain what parents should consider, what to do with young children, and how to celebrate the new year together with a bang.

New Year's Eve with young children

Every child is unique, which means they all react differently to the hustle and bustle of New Year's Eve festivities. For some children, this can mean restlessness, while others love it and want to stay up all night. To prevent your child from being unnecessarily scared of fireworks, you can tell them in advance what will happen. Explain that fireworks are incredibly beautiful, but they can also cause loud noises.

To stay up or go to bed?

Normally, children go to bed on time. Since the party doesn't really start until around midnight, you need to decide what to do with the children. Do you put them to bed early and wake them up just before midnight? Or do you let the children stay up until midnight? Don't worry, staying up late for once won't hurt. However, it's wise to have something to make staying up easier. A fun game or an exciting movie, and before you know it, it's midnight.

Do you have a baby? Then staying up late is not advisable. Babies need a consistent sleep schedule for their development. If you were to wake your baby up around midnight, you risk disrupting their sleep schedule. Also, it's better to stay indoors with young children when fireworks are being set off. Young children have a habit of picking up everything and are not yet able to assess a situation correctly.

Where will you celebrate?

It's good to know in advance where you'll be celebrating the New Year's Eve. If you're celebrating at home with friends and family, it's much easier to accommodate your child. You have the luxury of putting them to bed upstairs, and when they're asleep, you only need to keep an eye on the baby monitor.

If you're celebrating New Year's Eve at a friend's or family member's house, the organization is a bit different. Make sure to bring the right essentials and don't forget the baby crib if needed. One downside of celebrating New Year's Eve away from home with a baby is that you still have to wake them up when you're heading home.

Do you want to ring in the new year with a bang? Maybe it's a good idea to take the children to your (in-laws). Usually, grandparents celebrate New Year's Eve in a less elaborate way, so mom and dad can go out one last timeπŸ˜‰. If your (in-laws) are unavailable, hiring a babysitter is also an option.

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve?

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