My child is often too busy, what can I do as a parent?

Mijn kind is vaak druk, wat kan ik als ouder doen?

Children are sometimes more active or quieter. We humans don't always feel the same, and that also applies to our children. However, it may be that your little one is very often active and present. Do you also have a real bundle of energy at home? In this blog, we share our tips so that you can help your child channel that lively energy into positive results.

Get creative with your child

One of the best outlets for energy is creativity. Drawing, making music, building things, and so on. Whatever it is, it allows your child to expend energy. For example, working with musical instruments allows your child to channel all that energy into making music. This way, their lively imagination is transformed into something audible. Whatever activity you choose, creative activities reduce hyperactive behavior in your little one.

Sports and physical activity, then your child will naturally get tired

Is your child unstoppable and bouncing around the house? A dose of physical activity through sports and play ensures that energy gets released. Your child can also run after a frisbee or ball. The big advantage? It's much less exerting for you than for your child. This way, you preserve your energy while your little adventurer expends all theirs. Just kicking a ball around or going for a bike ride works perfectly fine, it's all about what you both enjoy.

From activity to reflection and rest

Have you and your child worn yourselves out? Then, flop down together on the couch to watch a fun children's movie or series. That's also the ideal time to talk about playing. What did your child quickly get tired of? What did your child enjoy doing? By talking to your children, not only do you get to know them better, but they also get to know themselves better. This way, they develop the ability to better recognize their own behavior. Children are very smart and will naturally find a way to release their energy once they notice signs. Additionally, you're building a strong bond of trust with your child this way.

I'm having trouble figuring things out with my child, what now?

It can always happen that you're not quite figuring things out with your child. For example, if you notice that they're often very active. Then it might be a good idea to talk to the school. Teachers are experts in working with young children and can support you. It may also help to consult a parenting expert. They can help you figure out how to channel your child's hyperactive behavior into positive energy.

How do you ensure that your children can release their energy?

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