Mom, what is sustainability? About sustainable parenting

Duurzaam opvoeden en duurzaam speelgoed

The holidays are coming up again, yay Christmas & Saint Nicholas! That means, among other things, that children will soon be able to put their shoes out for Saint Nicholas again. Not keen on another toy box full of plastic toy gifts? Then it's time for a sustainable solution. Sustainability is an important topic, especially for the generation of tomorrow. But how do you explain to your child what sustainability actually is? Here are some tips for your gifts:

Learning about sustainability while playing

If you, as a parent, want to teach your child more about sustainability, what it is, and why it's important, it's best to turn it into a game. Children learn best through play: how to produce less waste or separate it, conserve energy, and care for the earth. Communication is important in this process. Explain why you live sustainably, for example, how recycling works.

Get into nature

Another way to make children aware of sustainability is by going into nature together. Think of taking a leisurely walk in the park or going on an animal hunt in the forest. By showing your child the beauty – and fun – of nature, they learn to cherish it.

Be mindful with toys

Around the holidays, masses of plastic toys are purchased. Not entirely surprising, as children see all the flashy toys in catalogs and want them all. And as a parent, you want to see your child happy, of course. However, mass consumption is not the answer. If you still want to give something fun during the holidays, consider sustainable options. This often includes toys that are sturdy, versatile, and enjoyable for children to play with. Here are some sustainable options:

Wooden musical instrument set

Relaxation, concentration, and learning to dance to the beat: music is good for the development of young children. But it's not just that. Wooden toys are also a sustainable option to give during the holidays. Roll up your sleeves and get to work together with this 18-piece wooden musical instrument set. Create beautiful songs together and stimulate your child's musical talent.

Allerion 3-In-1 Block Set

Another wooden classic! This block set is fun even for the smallest busybodies. Not only is it a sustainable option, but this block set also stimulates the development of young children. From recognizing shapes and colors and developing fine motor skills to stimulating creativity: this block set is good for more than just hours of playtime.

Puppy night light

Even when children are not playing, their brains are busy processing information. A good night's sleep is therefore important for healthy development. If you want to encourage healthy sleep and give something different from standard toys, a night light is a good idea. This puppy night light chases away monsters and ghosts, is made of child-friendly material, and is the perfect sleeping buddy for bed. So that children get the rest that is essential for healthy development and so that parents can go to bed with peace of mind in the evening.

How do you teach your child about sustainability?

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