Involve your children in sustainability at home with our tips

Betrek jouw kinderen bij duurzaamheid in huis met onze tips

Mother Earth is our home base. For billions of years, our planet has provided a home for life in all shapes and sizes. Some 130,000 to 200,000 years ago, humans joined these life forms, and since then, much has changed. Today, we reflect on our Earth, and that's why you're reading in this blog how you can involve your children in sustainability at home. Because this is how we ensure that many generations after us can still enjoy our shared home.

Sustainability, what is it exactly?

Sustainability is all about the quality of life here on Earth. All the resources we borrow from our planet have an impact on our environment. Sustainable use of these resources ensures that the burden on our Earth does not exceed what it can handle. This keeps these resources available, now and in the future. Examples of common terms falling under the concept of sustainability include: recycling, green energy, or nature and the environment. These concepts all affect our use of resources or the Earth's capacity to recover.

This is our 4 tips

To help you and your family get started with sustainability, we have four tips to help your children learn more about sustainability and also get interactive.
  1. Recycle plastic: Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants of Mother Nature, and that's largely due to our own behavior. Nowadays, we're increasingly separating waste, and plastic is one of the key materials. Instead of a regular trash bin, you can buy a recycling bin with a separate compartment for plastic. A bit colorful for the little ones, and recycling can begin.
  2. Energy saving can also be simple: Do you recognize the feeling of walking around the house turning off lights in rooms where your little ones have been on an adventure? Energy saving can, of course, be achieved by taking colder showers, but it helps a lot if devices you're not using are turned off. For example, stick a cheerful note on the bedroom door with the message to turn off lights. That also saves you the necessary walking distance.
  3. Buy sustainable toys for the kids: There's so much choice for our kids nowadays. The toy store catalogs that come through the mail in December almost don't fit through the letterbox anymore. Even the choice of toys has consequences for the environment. That's why we recommend sustainably produced toys. This keeps the little ones happy and helps our planet.
  4. Sustainable activities: A walk through the forest, picking up litter in the street, or making a recycled artwork. All options are open. Your child learns through such a forest walk how beautiful nature is, and that creates appreciation. Maybe your little one also enjoys looking for stray trash. As an additional option, you can also plant a tree if you have a garden or can find an initiative where that's possible.

How will you involve your child in sustainability?

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