Improving your child's sleep with a nightlight? Here's what you need to consider!

Je kind beter laten slapen met een nachtlampje? Hier moet je op letten!

Nightlights, who hasn't had one as a child? Nightlights come in all shapes and sizes. From a beautiful star or moon to a quirky monkey or a glowing ice cream cone, nothing is too outlandish. But what's the best option for a nightlight and what should you consider when purchasing one? In this article, you'll find everything about nightlights for children.

Who is a nightlight for?

Essentially, anyone can use a nightlight, but generally, nightlights are most commonly used for young children and babies. Nightlights come with various features, so not every nightlight is suitable for your child. Therefore, it's important to pay attention to the specifications before buying the nightlight. Here's some more information about the different target groups for nightlights:

Nightlights for babies

Walking into the baby's room at night with bright light is never a good idea. You'll immediately wake up the baby, and bright light makes it harder to fall back asleep quickly. In that case, a nightlight is the ideal solution. Also, when you need to feed the baby at night, a nightlight provides enough light without giving you or your baby too much light. Another advantage of a nightlight in the baby's room is the music functionality. There are nightlights available that can play music or lullabies to help the baby fall asleep faster.

Nightlights for young children

Many young children are often afraid of the dark. In such cases, a nightlight can be a good solution. The light from a nightlight is strong enough to illuminate the room slightly but keeps it dark enough for young children to sleep healthily. The little light in the room often alleviates the biggest fear in young children, allowing them to sleep peacefully.

What you can use nightlights for

Nightlights not only have numerous useful functions, but you can also use these lights, for example, to teach children to sleep independently. Nightlights provide a safe and calm feeling for children, making them less likely to have nightmares at night or want to sleep between mom and dad.

Another way to use the nightlight is to create a sleep routine. In a previous blog, we talked about sleep clocks and how they can help children learn to sleep longer in the morning. But these lights can also help children fall asleep faster by setting a fixed bedtime.

In addition to learning to sleep alone or creating a sleep routine, there are other benefits of nightlights:

  • Children can get out of bed more easily when they need to go to the toilet at night. You can also find the potty more easily in the dark.
  • Many nightlights have an adjustable red color. This promotes melatonin production and helps children fall asleep faster.
  • The timer function on a nightlight is a handy feature for children who are afraid of the dark. You can set a timer so that children can fall asleep with a nightlight. The light automatically turns off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
  • Some nightlights can measure room temperature, play music, or serve as a sleep clock, making them multifunctional.
  • You no longer need to turn on a bright light in the room; nightlights provide enough light to see everything clearly.

Plenty of options! Have you decided which nightlight you're going to order?

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