Celebrating Saint Martin together: lanterns, lights, and coziness!

Samen Sint Maarten Vieren: lampionnen, lichtjes en gezelligheid!

With the enchanting evening of Saint Martin approaching, it's time to prepare for a magical celebration filled with lanterns and coziness. Discover here some tips to make this holiday an unforgettable experience!

Making Lanterns: Creative Gathering

Start the festivities with a crafting afternoon to create beautiful lanterns. Involve the whole family, decorate them with colorful drawings, and make memories together that shine as brightly as the lights themselves. Nothing brings more joy than homemade lanterns illuminating the streets!

Neighborhood Gathering: Sharing Bright Moments

Saint Martin is the perfect moment to bring the neighborhood together. Organize a small gathering where neighbors can admire lanterns, share treats, and engage in warm conversations. Coming together strengthens community ties and makes the evening even more special.

Gifts for Saint Martin: A Small Surprise

Welcome children at your door with small surprises like candies, mandarins, or homemade treats. Adding a personal touch to this tradition brings extra warmth and connectedness to the neighborhood.

Make Saint Martin a magical experience! Join in and share your lantern creations on social media with the hashtag #TogetherSaintMartin. Let's spread the light and celebrate the magic of this special evening! 🌟✨

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