Celebrating Carnival with children? Here's how:

Carnaval met kinderen

Alaaf, it's almost Carnival time again in the Netherlands! Especially in the southern regions, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Many children love dressing up and watching the parade. Are you planning to celebrate Carnival with the kids? Then we've got a few handy tips for you.

Carnival in the Netherlands

Carnival, the festival in the Netherlands mainly celebrated in the regions of Limburg, North Brabant, and Zeeland. It's a time when people dress up, celebrate, and participate in parades and processions. Carnival usually starts on Sunday and lasts until Tuesday, but in many cities, it starts on Saturday and sometimes even Friday.

Carnival is celebrated differently in each city. In Limburg, Carnival is characterized by wearing colorful costumes and singing traditional Carnival songs. There are also large parades and processions that move through the cities, with participants dressed in groups and making music. North Brabant has its own approach. Here, Carnival is also celebrated by wearing crazy costumes, but during the parade, they make a lot of noise with drums and other instruments. Curious about how other cities celebrate Carnival? Then you should definitely take a look with the kids!

4 Tips for a successful Carnival with the kids

Carnival is an experience in itself, and if you're going out with young children, good preparation is half the battle. To help parents out, we have four handy tips for a successful Carnival.

Tip 1: Choose your best costume

Carnival is one of the festivals where you can walk the streets dressed up without anyone looking at you strangely. For children, this is a very fun moment to let loose. Let your children choose their favorite costume and help them make masks or accessories. This can be a great way to stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Tip 2: Attend a parade in a different city!

Whether it's Lampegat, Kielegat, or Oeteldonk, it doesn't matter. These Brabant cities all have their own parades and local processions during Carnival. The best part? The kids love it. Visiting another city during Carnival is a great way to keep children engaged in the traditions of Carnival and show them how people celebrate it in their community. So, which parade will be your next one?

Tip 3: Dress warmly!

In February, it's still very cold in the Netherlands. If you're going to celebrate Carnival, don't forget to dress warmly. Especially if you're going out with the little ones to watch a parade, a warm coat and gloves are essential. If you plan to stay outside for a long time with the kids, bring a thermos flask with hot tea or hot chocolate. That way, you can keep going for a few more hours. An additional tip: choose a costume that you can put on over your coat and pants.

Tip 4: Sustainable Carnival? Absolutely!

As fun as all the confetti, streamers, and balloons are, it's not very environmentally friendly. So, opt for sustainable or reusable party supplies. Think of reusable flags, straws, and cups, and get creative with your Carnival outfit. You can quickly create a fun outfit from an old piece of fabric or quirky accessories.

What will you dress up as this year?

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