Celebrate Animal Day with your little ones!

Dierendag 4 oktober

Every year, on October 4th, we celebrate a special day: Animal Day. It's the perfect opportunity to reflect on the love and care we have for our animal friends. For parents with school-age children, this day offers a unique chance to emphasize the value of animals in our lives and teach children how to care for them. Moreover, with the evenings getting darker earlier, our animal nightlights (like the adorable bear, cute rabbit, wise owl, and even the playful puppy) can bring a cozy atmosphere to the kids' room.

1. Visit an animal shelter

Consider visiting a local animal shelter with your child. It gives them a chance to learn more about animals in need and how they can help.

2. Craft an animal project

Let your children draw or craft their favorite animal. Perhaps the majestic lion, cuddly koala, or cunning fox? It's a fun way to stimulate their creativity and learn about different species at the same time.

3. Read a bedtime animal story

With winter approaching, there's nothing cozier than reading a story together. Opt for an animal tale and complete the ambiance with one of our nightlights, like the cheerful penguin.

4. Take care of the animals in your garden

Set up a birdhouse together with your children or give the rabbit a carrot. It's a wonderful way to teach kids to care for the animals around us.

As a parent, it's essential to encourage your children's curiosity and compassion. Animal Day offers an excellent opportunity to do so. And as the day comes to an end, what could be nicer than tucking your child into bed with the soft glow of an animal nightlight?

Let's make this Animal Day unforgettable and show extra love to our pets and the animals around us!

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