Carnival with the kids: How to turn it into a celebration

Carnaval met de kinderen: zo maak je er een feest van

Alaaf, the Carnival celebration is taking place this week, and that's exciting news for kids from the southern provinces. Because there, Carnival is celebrated extravagantly. Float parades, costume parties, and cheerful music, it's all part of the festivities. Major cities like Den Bosch and Eindhoven are known for four days as Oeteldonk and Lampengat.

In this blog, we'll share our tips for a successful Carnival with you, even if you don't live in the south.

For the little ones, Carnival is quite an experience. Especially if you're not from the south and are not used to the festivities, your little ones will be amazed. How can you celebrate Carnival with the little ones? Here are our four tips to enjoy the Carnival festivities.

Attend a float parade with your children

In the cities and villages of Brabant, there are numerous float parades. In the smaller villages, almost every resident helps build a float with a carnival association. In some villages, illuminated floats are even built. During a parade, you'll see stunning creations pass by while being treated to lively music. In any case, an experience your children won't soon forget. As an extra tip, we recommend bringing a good set of earplugs for yourself and your children. The music can be quite loud, and you'll want to protect yourself and your little ones from hearing damage.

Find the best costume for your child

During Carnival, your child can dress up as anything for four days. Whether they want to be a pirate for a few days or feel more like Superman or Mega Mindy, anything goes. Choosing or making a Carnival costume challenges your children to be creative. What outfit do they want to wear, and where will they get it? A day spent crafting their own outfit adds even more creativity. Make sure the outfit is somewhat warm if your child goes outside during Carnival, or layer extra clothing underneath, like thermal wear. Because it's still quite cold in the Netherlands in February. It would be a shame if your child had to wear a coat over that beautiful Carnival costume.

Get creative with face paint and crafts at home with the children

You can also turn Carnival into a festive occasion at home. Creativity knows no boundaries on the map and can also thrive within the walls of your own home. Do you have a face painting kit lying around? Rest assured that your little adventurer will know what to do with a brush and colors. If you don't need to go anywhere yourself, you can serve as a model. Or you can make your child unrecognizable to the neighbor for a while. Did you know that face painting sets are becoming increasingly sustainable these days? Even if face painting isn't quite your thing, there are plenty of options. For example, you can make masks out of paper. The internet offers numerous examples. Your child can also wear such a mask themselves, which is even more fun. A mask can always be paired with a cute hat. That completes the party.

Make music and dance with your child during Carnival

Not a fan of the party music? That's understandable, not everyone has the Snollebollekes or the Engelbewaarder at the top of their playlist. The best alternative? Make your own music. Get an instrument and make music together with your children. That way, you can play for hours with a cheerful note that doesn't come from the well-known Carnival hits. In our assortment, you'll find fun wooden musical instruments to fill the house with different melodies.

How will you celebrate Carnival this year with the children?

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