5 Tips to encourage independence in your child

5 Tips om zelfstandigheid bij je kind te stimuleren

When children get older, things are increasingly going to do (and want to) do things independently. Independence is important for your child's development. This way your child gets more confidence, they learn to take care of themselves and to stand up for themselves. Where one child is already independent early, another child may have a little more difficulty with independence. We have five tips that can help you stimulate independence in your child.

In what ways can you stimulate independence?

becoming independent, it is exactly in the meaning of the word: independent. Children must therefore experience themselves and get the confidence that they do not need their mum or dad for everything. You can stimulate independence in different ways. Think of sports and hobbies, but also meet with peers.

Tip 1: Be the good example

children learn by doing, and by looking at how you do it as a parent. It is therefore important that you show children how they can do certain things themselves. That can start with small assignments such as choosing clothes in the morning before they have to go to school, or prepare your own breakfast. Build that slowly. Don't forget to compliment your child, even when it doesn't work immediately.

Tip 2: have patience

Rome was not built in one day. Independence in children therefore takes time and patience. As a parent you must understand that. The worst thing you can do in a new situation is to punish your child if it doesn't work the first (or second and third) time. Allow your child to learn new things. Only then will they get confidence in themselves that is needed to become independent.

Tip 3: Start small

as we said above: Start small. Ask your child to first do small things independently such as spread sandwiches or tie shoelaces. These kinds of small steps help your child become independent. As they get older you can give some more difficult "assignments".

4: Take time

Another important tip for parents is: Take the time. If you have to hurry in the morning or are too late for school, don't let your child lubricate sandwiches. Learning something new takes time. Also do not intervene immediately by, for example, grabbing something out of your child's hands. Not only is it frustrating for your child, you also give the idea that your child "can't do it". If it really doesn't work then you better propose to try something together.

Tip 5: Compliment, compliment!

Positivity ensures that your child gets more confidence in himself. Not only do you show as a parent that you are proud of your child, you also show that you have confidence in your child to do it yourself. This in turn ensures self -confidence and good courage with your child.

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