Wooden Musical Instruments Set - incl. Storage crate and music booklet

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Make music an educational experience with these beautiful wooden musical instruments set of gifting. Specially designed to let children get to know the world of music in a playful way.

Sustainability and quality in one

Our music set is made of high -quality wood that not only looks beautiful, but also feels wonderful. Get rid of boring sounds! Your little one will enjoy the real music that comes from these instruments - and of course you too. It is toys that last a long time and creates lasting memories.

Tested by children

Our music set has been thoroughly tested by real experts: children! They all enjoyed the cheerful sounds and felt real musicians. With the enthusiasm of these small experts, we promise that this set is an absolute success.

Handmade and safe

Safety is our priority. Our musical instruments are with love made by hand and painted with safe, water -based paint. Every detail is carefully checked to ensure that they are suitable for children. So relax and enjoy while your little one plays and discovers safely.

Including music booklet

As if that is not enough, you get a free xylophone music booklet with our music set! Here you will find no fewer than 21 famous songs, from classics to cheerful tunes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday. In addition, you can also listen to all these songs and the rhythm on our website through online music videos. Together you can learn to play these songs and form your own mini band. Let the music fill your house with cheerfulness and creativity.

A complete and carefully composed gift

No hassle with the search for separate instruments of different quality. Our musical instruments set offers a complete package of hand -made instruments. And the best of all? It comes in a beautiful wooden crate, ready to give as a gift. It is a gift full of adventure and imagination that will enchant both children and parents.

Gifts music set:

● Teach children in a playful way of music.
● Brings the musical talent in your little one.
● ensures hours of fun.
● Careful and carefully and carefully and made with love.
● Musical instruments with real sounds.
● Sustainable and high -quality materials.
● including handy storage crate, online music videos & amp; Xylophone music booklet!

Product size/dimensions:

● Wooden crate: L 35.5 cm x B 29cm x H 6cm
● Diameter Tambourine: 10.5 cm
● Rattle length: 15 cm
● Length Xylophone: 27cm
● Length (block length ) Flute: 20cm

Stimulate the passion for music with your child and at the same time contribute to a sustainable future. Order the wooden musical instrument set of gifting today and then we will ensure that you have the complete set at home as quickly as possible, ready for endless playing pleasure!

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