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A good night's sleep is important for a healthy development in children. Yet only sleeping in the dark can cause restless nights - both for child and parent. We found something on that: Meet the rabbit night lamp. The rabbit night light chases monsters and ghosts, is of child -friendly material and is the ideal sleeping buddy for bed. So that children get the peace that is essential for a healthy development and so that parents can get into bed with peace of mind in the evening.

A better night's sleep for children - and parents

The rabbit children's lamp is like a rainbow, with no less than eight different colors this sleep buddy changes the color you want. Did you know that the colors of the rabbit lamp also have a sleep -inducing function? Red light helps with the production of melatonin . The Bunny therefore not only protects against monsters in the dark, this sweet sleeping buddy also ensures that children fall asleep faster! In addition, the light of the rabbit night light is adjustable in brightness and in function: constant, blinking or breathable light .

Nightmares or samples under the bed are a thing of the past

This sleeping buddy protects against nightmares, samples under the bed and ghosts in the cupboard. The rabbit night lamp has a adjustable timer so that the light automatically goes out after 15, 30 or 60 minutes . Do you prefer the rabbit lamp to be on all night? That is also possible. With a battery life from but preferably 20 to 40 hours , the rabbit bed lamp protects all night against nightmares!

Together to a better world

From a undisturbed night's sleep to finding a child -friendly gift . We promise you that it will all be alright. That is precisely why the rabbit children's lamp of sustainable and child-friendly material is made , namely from BPA-free soft white silicone material . You can also easily clean the rabbit lamp and the LED light does not get hot. In short, a sleeping buddy that is completely baby and kidproof !

These are the benefits of the rabbit night lamp:

● User -friendly thanks to the tap function and the remote control.
● Fits in every bedroom thanks to 8 different colors of light and a white base light. ● ● For winter and summer nights with 3 light functions and adjustable brightness. ● Ensures an unperturbed night's rest thanks to the Timer Stand-BY function.
● Sustainable and child-friendly (BPA-free and built-in battery).
● Premium gifting: Rabbit Night Lamp-Large Design.
● is going several nights without having to have to go to the charger, thanks to the longer battery life: 20 - 40 hours (depending on the light intensity) & amp; Easy charging via the back.

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