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Many children have difficulty sleeping in the beginning. Especially staying longer in the morning is often a problem for children - and for you as a parent. This while a good sleep rhythm is super important for development. Our Beer Kinderwakker helps children to learn a healthy sleep rhythm. So that children get the peace that is essential for development and so that parents can turn around in bed again in the morning.

Go to bed with pleasure

It almost sounds too good to be true, but with the bear children's alarm clock children go to bed with pleasure! This alarm clock has different facial expressions - including nice sounds . Every time you tap the bear children's alarm clock on his head - softly huh? - The alarm clock makes a crazy face. So going to bed becomes a lot more fun!

and are cheerful on

Did you know that getting up with the Beer Kinderwakker is also becoming a lot more pleasant? This cheerful children's alarm clock has a wake-up light function . By spreading a soft light 15 minutes before getting up, the Beer Kinderwakker ensures that your child wakes up in a pleasant way. Because of the rising light, your child knows that it is almost time to get up - stay on for a while - and when hearing the alarm sound when he can get out of bed. The Beer Kinderwakker will use the battery for about 1 to 2 days and has a standby duration of about 200 hours. In addition, you can also leave the alarm clock on the charger, so that it never goes empty or off.

How does the patented children's alarm worker work?

With this bear children's alarm clock, children learn to develop a healthy sleep rhythm. In addition, the alarm clock has eight different alarms with well -known melodies and you can adjust the volume of the alarm sound . Prefer to snooze? That is also possible! The snooze function call in by giving a tap on the bear's head when the alarm goes off.

Made from safe and durable material

From an undisturbed night's sleep to a child -friendly gift. In addition to the built-in rechargeable battery, Beer Kinderwakker is BPA-free and mainly made of sustainable material . The soft white silicone material is easy to wash and the LED light of the alarm clock is not hot. As a parent you can go to bed with confidence.

Display and light settings on the battery:
● After 15 minutes the light goes out*
● After 1 hour the clock timer goes out*
● After 12 hours goes The alarm clock in deep standby mode*

Display and light settings on the power grid:
● After 2 hours the light goes out*
● The clock timer always stays

* = After the Beer Kinderwakker was last active.
with: A simple tap on the alarm clock rises again.
In: Deep standby mode must first be pressed the on/off button.
Tip: Care with wireless use that the set alarm goes out within 12 hours, after the alarm clock was last touched.

The benefits of the Beer Kinderwakker:

● Thanks to the light in the children's alarm clock, your little one is no longer afraid in the dark.
● The evening and morning routine will be a lot easier, also for the parents.
● Playfully your child learns to deal with With time, reading clock is much easier.
● Get up and go to bed a party through the various facial expressions.
● Has a wake-up light & amp; snooze function.
● Has 8 different alarms that are adjustable in volume.
● and makes funny & amp; Crazy noises with a tap on the head.
● Gives different colors of light in the dark.
● is of durable material, BPA-free and with built-in battery.
● More sleep for the whole family! < /P>

welcome a new boyfriend who helps to build a sleep rhythm in a playful way. Order the Beer Kinderwakker from Kadoing today and then we will ensure that you have it at home as soon as possible!

Now with free e-book about sleeping!
< /P>

"The gifting children's alarm clock is the ideal wake-up light for children: user-friendly, sturdy and gives fun user interaction by tapping it. You can use it via Netstroom if via battery." - Review Sleep wise. NL

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