Young children? This is how you survive the Christmas dinner!

kerstdiner met kinderen

December is all about the holidays. First Sinterklaas arrives at the start of the month and not much later Santa Claus is at the door at the door. Sociability with friends and family, Christmas markets and of course extensive dining on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Although such an extensive Christmas meal causes a lot of fun, sitting still for a long time is not for small children. We are happy to share some tips that change that!

A good start is half the battle

Sure the children also join during the Christmas dinner. But what about the fun beforehand? By involving your child as much as possible in the Christmas dinner or breakfast, they better keep their attention while eating. From beautiful Christmas decorations for the table to making the menu, there are enough ways to involve your child in the Christmas dinner.

A "Special Guest" Children's Table

Another way to make the Christmas dinner more fun is to "reserve" a table especially for the children. A table that all children can dine together and entertain each other. The grown-ups? They sit at a separate table and can enjoy their food in peace. The advantage of splitting tables is that you can prevent a lot of tampering. Or actually, the children's table can be covered with an old tablecloth so that you can spill without worries. Do you want to make the children's table extra fun? Then cover the table with a paper tablecloth, add a few markers and the color spectacle can begin ...

Make it a game

Children really enjoy doing a role play. This way you can pretend to work in a real restaurant during the Christmas dinner! Let the children serve the food or read the menu and take the order from table guests. This is nice for the children because they have something to do, but the table guests will also enjoy the game. Please note that serving the food remains safe!

But the food is child -friendly

Say for yourself, what could be nicer than choosing and preparing your own food? Children in particular like to prepare their food independently. Together Gourmetten during Christmas is therefore a fun and child -friendly option for the whole family. But the dessert is also a good example: make a delicious ice cream cover that you can dress with colorful litter, or let your child decorate a cup cake. This way you combine pleasure and good food.

Time management

Christmas dinners are generally known for its extensive and long dining. Often this also means dining until the late hours. To ensure that your child maintains this a bit better, you can take a nap in the afternoon. Are there more young guests during the Christmas dinner? Then it is advisable to just start on time.

For when the children have been eaten

Children who are already finished eating while the parents are still busy. Recognizable? Then ensure an action plan for the children after the food. Coloring pages, games or a nice Christmas film, all activities that the children keep sweet after dinner.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to make the Christmas dinner a success. Do you have a golden tip or good idea that can help other parents? Leave a message below!

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