5x sports together with your child

Dit is wat muziek voor je kind kan doen!

Sports. You've got to love it. Yet it can be a fun activity, especially when you start moving with your child. Not only does your band strengthen together, it is also good for health. In this blog you can read why moving is so good for young children and what you can do together to stay "fit".

Why exercise is good for children

There are countless studies that show that movement is good for your child. But what exactly makes sports so healthy? Below a few benefits:

  • Sports improves the coordination and motor skills of children.
  • Exercise improves the condition and fitness. Secretly an open door, but exercising improves the fitness and condition of children. The earlier children start exercising, the better their endurance, strength, speed and technology.
  • Exercise reduces the risk of depression. Staying moving, even at a young age, ensures that the body deals better with negative emotions. Anxious children in particular benefit from exercise.
  • Sports strengthens the bones of children. By exercising, your body reinforces - also a handy advantage for parents 😉
  • Exercise gives children more confidence. By exercising and moving, children learn to be independent. In addition, Sport challenges you to give everything, this ensures self -confidence.

Exercise with your child: 4 fun activities

After reading the benefits you really can't ignore it anymore. But what are fun activities to do with your child? Together with the Kadoing team we have listed the best tips for you:

    1. Free swimming or toddler swimming

    2. What could be better than looking up the cooling together in the swimming pool? Swimming is a wonderful way to move together with your child. Are you early and do you start with toddler swimming? Then this can work to your advantage. Toddlers get used to the water, as soon as it is really time for swimming lessons, they already have an edge.


      1. Dancing to music

      2. Music makes cheerful, relaxes and brings people together. And tell yourself, who doesn't want to dance to music? Choose a song or album together that you like and the pleasure can start! Not a choreographer yourself? Then there are different dances on YouTube or Tiktok that you can learn. Do you really want to throw out all the emotions? Then try freestylen! Research shows that this is the best way to regulate your emotions - and it probably also produces funny situations.


        1. Bootcamp in the playground

        2. Do you want to combine a holiday with some sports activities? Which can! In many tourist cities or large parks you will find various signs with assignments and fun activities. A mushroom path, hopping track or path in which you can look for traces of wild animals together. You can't think of it as crazy if it exists. At the same time you are enjoying the outdoors and active. Or, another golden tip for the active families among us: a playground Bootcamp! Come up with a few nice sports assignments that you can do with your child in the playground such as hanging on the climbing frame for one minute. This way you combine pleasure and sports.


          1. Sports games on the tablet

          2. Often tablets and cell phones are poorly in the news. Children would spend too much of their free time behind the screen and therefore never play outside again. Yet there are also fun and healthy things to do with a tablet or cell phone. How about a sports game or app that you learn to meditate? In the Play or Appstore you can choose from different apps that you put to work!


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