With these 6 tips, your child is happy to go back to school!

Met deze 6 tips gaat jouw kind weer met plezier terug naar school!

Although the summer vacation is still far away, we know from experience that it is over again in no time. From relaxed afternoons and fun activities such as to the zoo, back to school and to bed on time! Not only should parents get used to this new rhythm again, children also need time to adjust to the new pace again. To make the transition from summer vacation to school a little easier for you, we have six tips that will make it a lot easier for you!


    1. School supplies and supplies

    2. Before your child goes back to school, it is always advisable to check whether you still need new school supplies. Are the bread drums, drinking cups and other things still in order for lunch? And did your child still receive a list of school with new supplies that need to be achieved? These are all things that you can arrange well in advance.



      1. Make sure you have your agenda in order

      2. As soon as the summer vacation is over, all other obligations start again. Think of sports, swimming lessons, hobbies and other important agreements. To maintain the overview, it is a good idea to grab your agenda. Consult with each other what the schedules are and how you can distribute the planning and tasks together. That saves a lot of stress at the end of the ride.



        1. Start again with your regular sleep rhythm

        2. In the summer, and especially during vacation, children also want to go to bed later. Because the summer vacation is often a longer period of late to bed, this quickly becomes a habit for your child. But now that the end of the summer vacation is in sight, it is wise to go back to the old rhythm. Make sure you start your child to bed on time at least one week of the front. This way they can get used to the rhythm and it will get up when school starts again, a lot easier.



          1. Large cleaning

          2. A tidy house provides peace in the tent. Now that you still have the space and time to finish small chores and give the house a big cleaning, you should not miss this opportunity. The advantage? During the big cleaning, all school supplies can be laid out immediately and you can check whether it still has to be missed or replaced!



            1. The summer vacation in style

            2. Many children find it annoying to go back to school after they have had a longer period off. Therefore, prepare your child for the fact that school will start again. One way to do this is to close the holiday in style. In the last week before the summer holidays, plan all kinds of fun things, go to the zoo, playground or visit museums together. This way you will enjoy looking back on all the fun activities and at the same time you can tell your child that the holiday is coming to an end.



              1. Make sure that the first week runs quietly

              2. The first week at school after the summer vacation can sometimes be impressive for children. They see their boyfriends and girlfriends again, get homework and have to pay attention in a (new) class. It is therefore advisable to take it easy at least the first week of school. Do not plan everything completely and take the time to ask for each other's day.



So, but now start a holiday first!

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