With these tips, you'll never be late for school again

Met deze tips komen jullie nooit meer te laat voor school

Dropping off your children at school on time is a challenge every morning as a parent. To help all parents out a bit, we've put together some tips to ensure that you'll definitely arrive at school on time next time. Guaranteed success!

Start waking up early

It's tempting to stay in bed a little longer, but it's better to wake up on time when the kids have to go to school. It's best to set your alarm clock half an hour earlier from now on, then you know you have plenty of time. When your child decides to change clothes at the last minute, that half hour earlier wake-up time will save you a lot of stress. And remember: the less stressed you are, the easier and faster the morning goes.

A good start is half the battle

Another handy tip is to prepare your children's school supplies or clothes the night before. That way, you won't have to rush in the morning and you'll avoid forgetting important things. You can also prepare breakfast or school lunch for your children in advance. That way, all you have to do is dress your child and have breakfast together. A delightful start to the day if we say so ourselves!

Use a Wake-up light for a gentler wake-up

A wake-up light can help your child wake up on time and get out of bed independently. Getting out of bed and getting ready for school also gives your child a sense of confidence and helps with development. All this while you can get ready for the day yourself. Not sure which wake-up light to choose? In our webshop, we have various alarm clocks with a wake-up light function, specially designed for children.

Choose a fixed place for your belongings

You can prevent a lot of frustrations and shouting back and forth in the morning by giving everything in your house a fixed place. Your child can then find all the items by themselves, and perhaps more importantly, you're also teaching your child to tidy up. If this doesn't go according to plan yet or if your child occasionally leaves things lying around, don't panic. You can prepare or put everything back in its place the night before.

Make time for breakfast

Whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day or not, always take the time to have breakfast together with your child. This is not only an important moment to talk about the day ahead, but also to teach your child a healthy eating pattern. Besides, breakfast doesn't have to be complicated. Brown bread with a glass of milk is sufficient.

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