With these 5 tips you can stay in control during the holidays

Feestdagen met kinderen

During the holidays we are all busy. Everyone wants to see each other before the end of the year, shopping has to be done for the Christmas dinner and breakfast and as a peak on the Christmas tree, more and more families in the Netherlands are also doing presents during Christmas. But how do you ensure that you remain the boss? We share five handy tips.

Tip 1: Your agenda is your best friend

A tight or at least clear planning is a real must-have during the holidays. Therefore, consider how you want to organize the holidays and share this with family and friends. Would you rather take it a bit easier because you have young children, for example? Then make sure you stay at home with the family for at least one evening. Watching a Christmas film together for the fireplace is just as much fun!

Tip 2: Go on the road with the children

At the end of December it is Christmas holiday. To prevent the children from boredom and prevent whining, you can make an activity agenda together. Where do the children want to go? Are there perhaps nice winter activities in the area? By making an agenda together you prevent it from constantly being asked whether mum and dad want to do something. At the same time, the children have something nice to look forward to.

Tip 3: Help each other on their way

Are you in the kitchen this year or do you organize the Christmas dinner? Then ask if everyone wants to make their own dish. That way you are not responsible for all purchases and groceries on your own. And the very best, so you have more time left to sit down at the table and to participate in the rest. If you prefer to cook alone, you can also choose not to make difficult dishes.

Tip 4: Make Christmas child-friendly

In another blog we already wrote how you can make the Christmas dinner a lot more fun for the little ones. But have you already thought about the decoration? No matter how cozy all those candles and glasses of Christmas balls are, an accident is in a small corner. And with small children running around, such a Christmas tree in the middle of the living room is certainly not practical. Therefore, make your Christmas decorations Kidsproof. Think of unbridled Christmas balls, rechargeable candles with a battery and place the Christmas tree in a tactical place.

Tip 5: Start later

Maybe an unconventional tip, but only start dining when the little ones are in bed. Although it is very nice to celebrate Christmas together at the table, a six-course dinner is often too much of a good thing. If you want to skip a long evening, you can also opt for a Christmas lunch with friends and family. The most important thing: choose something you feel comfortable with.

The month of December is one of the most hectic months of the year. But with the above tips you can go a long way. Make some time for each other and the family and do something fun together. After all, that is what the holidays are all about. Are you not completely convinced yet? Then you can always go on holiday to avoid this period.

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