Toys that teach good habits? It's really possible!

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Do you want your children to grow up as responsible, productive and happy adults? Then learning good habits is very important! Fortunately, toys can be a powerful tool in encouraging these habits. In an earlier blog we wrote why good habits are important and how you as a parent can teach your child these. But did you know that toys can also help children learn good habits? You can read how that is possible here.

The importance of good habits in children

Developing good habits is an important part of raising children. It can contribute to their health, well-being and success in later life. It is therefore important as a parent to be actively involved in learning these habits and to look for creative ways that motivate your child to learn these habits.

Toys can help with this. Through toys, your little one can learn in an interactive way about different habits such as tidying up, healthy eating and more. Therefore, choose toys that are not only fun to play with, but are also educational!


Different types of toys that encourage good habits

We get it, as a parent it is quite a challenge to teach your child to tidy up or make healthy choices. But with the right toys, you'll learn these habits in no time. A toy basket or box in which you can put away all the toys together is already a good start, but did you know that there are even more options to choose from? Toys with an educational twist to be precise. Here two examples:

Learning to cook, wash the dishes and tidy up: it is possible with this toy kitchen

It may not have occurred to you before, but a toy kitchen can help teach good habits. That's because a toy kitchen gives children the opportunity to learn about household chores such as cooking, washing dishes and tidying up. This kitchen set contains various accessories such as plates, a cutting board, knife and fruits and vegetables, with which your little one can practice and play at the same time! In addition, this toy kitchen offers plenty of storage space. Is your little one done playing? Then they can put the toys away neatly again. Oh, and this toy kitchen is also made from FSC 100% Hemlock wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests. This means that these toys are safe, fun and environmentally friendly. You can find more about this fun toy kitchen here.

Learn to tell time thanks to the Bunny alarm clock

The Bunny alarm clock also helps your little one learn healthy habits. This way, children learn a healthy sleep rhythm through the different facial expressions and sounds that this cute bunny shows. The light in the alarm clock also ensures that your little one is no longer afraid of the dark and at the same time learns to tell the time in a playful way. View the Bunny alarm clock here.


A healthy sleep rhythm with this Unicorn night light

We all know that a good night's sleep is important for children's development, but sometimes sleeping alone in the dark can cause quite restless nights - both for your child and for you as a parent. This Unicorn Night Light puts an end to restless nights. The soft light chases away ghosts and your little one's concentration is a lot better during the day. Because children get a healthy sleep rhythm with this night light, you can see that they can more easily maintain their concentration during the day and are less moody because they no longer worry at night. This makes learning healthy habits a lot faster!

Of course, it is up to you as a parent to determine what the right toys are for your little one. In any case, one thing is certain, you have more than enough choice on our website!


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