To the playgroup? These are recognizable situations as a parent!

Naar de peuterspeelzaal? Dit zijn herkenbare situaties als ouder!

As soon as children become two and a half they can go to the playgroup. Children can go here until they are four years old. In the playgroup, children learn to play with others and make new boyfriends and girlfriends. In addition, the playgroup is also a good preparation for primary school. Here are a few recognizable situations when your child goes to the playgroup for the first time.

Play, learn and develop

The playgroup is the time for children to develop their social skills. Think of working with peers, arguing to make it back and that you always have to share everything fairly with each other. Children in the playgroup also have small tasks and rules that help to relax the transition to primary school. In short, an experience full of new life lessons.

Playing in a group

In many cases, the playgroup is the moment where children have to function for the first time in a group context. That can sometimes take some getting used to, but is incredibly good for children. In this way they learn to stand up for themselves, to communicate their needs, but above all, deal with others. Playing together in the playgroup can already take care of the first friendships, how cute is that?

Peace in the house

although we may not always want to admit it, we are all guilty: time for ourselves. Especially in the first years, small children can be difficult alone, which means that we have to hand in the time for ourselves. If they go to the playgroup, then you suddenly have a hole in your day. Finally the peace that can sometimes be much needed, you can enjoy that!

Saying goodbye

Although the playgroup is only a few hours a day, the farewell can cause a lump in the throat first times. This is something that all parents, but also children themselves, have to go through. Therefore, do not make the farewell unnecessarily difficult and do not stretch it out for too long. You will see that it will be easier in the long run, really! In this way, children get more self -confidence and learn to be self -reliant.

Runny noses and flu

Bring a disadvantage of your child to the playgroup: more running noses and the flu! When children go to the playgroup they suddenly come into contact with other children. That also means new bacteria and viruses. First of all: this can do no harm and is only good for your child's immune system. Being sick will therefore also occur less frequently over time.


Does your child go to the playgroup for the first time soon? How is that experience for you as a parent?

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