Tip! You give this toy to children of 1 year

Tip! Dit speelgoed geef je aan kinderen van 1 jaar

When children are old enough to sit and crawl independently, they will discover the world around them. Nothing is so much fun to see children play in this phase, and to see themselves developing in a playful way. But what kind of toys do you give children around the age of 1? We have listed all the important information for you in this blog.

Stimulate your child's development with the right toys

When children just start playing, it's best to give "simple" toys. Think of block boxes or, for example, a musical instrument such as a drum. In the first phase of their years of life, children are still discovering and this type of toy offers sufficient challenge. As we mentioned in an earlier blog, playing with this type of toy can stimulate the hand-eye coordination and stimulate fine motor skills. A few other ideas for toys from children around this age:

  • Toys that helps your child learn to crawl such as a car or other toys on wheels.
  • We have said it before and keep repeating it: books. Pointing pictures or listening to a story is incredibly good for the development of a child.
  • Toys that helps your child learn to walk. Some children are already carefully taking small steps around this age. A walker continues this development.

Note the age indication

Toy stores nowadays have toys in abundance. Choosing the right toys for your child can then be overwhelming. The age indication on the toy packaging can help you choose. This provides information about the age of children for whom the toy is suitable. It is of course true that every child develops at his or her own pace. So don't stare blindly at the age indication, but use it as a handy guideline.

Materials for toys

We see more and more toy from sustainable soil. This means that the materials that are used to make the toys are often child and environmentally friendly. Consider, for example, wood instead of plastic toys, or toys that do not break easily or has sharp edges. Tip: also choose one for toys that challenges your child. Learning playfully is the way for children of this age.

Second-hand toys

You don't always have to pay the main price for toys. There are enough sustainable and affordable options. You can find this both online and, for example, in thrift stores. Another reason to go for second -hand: children often do not use toys for a longer period of time. Take advantage of it!

While playing, children develop new skills and learn to deal with others socially. But above all, playing is having fun, both alone and with each other.

What kind of toys do you choose?

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