This is why you want to cook together with your child

Koken kinderen

We all have our own way of eating. Everyone has their own preferences and enjoys different dishes, but at the same time, there are also similarities in our eating patterns to recognize. Unfortunately, some of these do not benefit our health. Research shows that cooking is increasingly being avoided, probably because easier alternatives are becoming more readily available. In this blog, you'll read why cooking with your child is important, and we'll share our favorite recipes.

The importance of healthy eating

Our diet affects all aspects of our lives. Our mental and physical health largely depend on the food we put in our mouths and swallow. Healthy eating provides the right nutrients, in the right amounts, to keep our bodies vital. Healthy eating can help your child perform a little better during a soccer game or the next spelling test at school. Above all, healthy eating increases the likelihood that your child will stay healthy into later years.

Why cooking is important for your child's development

Cooking your own food has significant benefits for your child's development. The most important advantage is that you completely control which ingredients you use. This gives you both the choice, and your child becomes aware of his or her own eating habits. Additionally, cooking offers more, as reading, interpreting, and executing a recipe helps your child understand and follow step-by-step plans. If you come up with the recipe yourself, your child also learns to make a plan before starting something. And as we all learn, a good start is half the battle.

Our favorite recipes for you and your child

We all have our own preferences when it comes to food, and taste is subjective. However, some dishes are easier to prepare than others. Here are our suggestions to easily get started with your child:

  1. Vegetables, meat, and potatoes: a common staple in the Dutch kitchen. The advantage is that ingredients are prepared separately. The packaging of these products often indicates how long the preparation takes. The stove, however, is quite full of different pans, so be careful that your little one doesn't accidentally burn themselves.

  2. A salad to avoid the heat: Salads are not boring at all. There are many possibilities to mix ingredients. The advantage of a meal salad is that you may not have to bake or cook. Much safer for the little ones.

  3. Rice dishes: Rice is becoming increasingly popular and easy to prepare. Rice can be combined with anything, from chili con carne to nasi. The challenge lies in the dishes you pair with the rice.

  4. Sweet potato fries: Making fries yourself is often much healthier than fries from a bag. Cut the potatoes into strips and fry them in the pan. If you have an air fryer, you can also use that. We love it.

  5. Explore global cuisine: The world is full of fantastic culinary arts. Every country has different cooking cultures, and they are more than worth exploring.

Which dish will you make with your child?

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