The benefits of outdoor play for children's development

Buitenspelen is gezond voor kinderen

It is slowly getting better again in the Netherlands again. In fact, in a few months it will be summer again! That means that the temperature rises, the days will be longer and we can find more outside to enjoy the nice weather. For children the opportunity to play outside with boyfriends and girlfriends. We explain why playing outside is so good for your child.

Why is outside games healthy?

Let's fall with the door: playing outside is incredibly good and healthy for small children. It is healthy for the physical development of children, because you can run around, jump and climb and clamber while playing outside. And, while your little one picks up the most crazy antics in the climbing frame, motor skills such as coordination, balance and endurance are also stimulated. Moreover, Outdoor Play offers children the opportunity to develop their social skills. They play together with other children on the playground or in the street. That means they learn to communicate, work together and can joke and joke with each other. Strangely enough, outdoor games also improve the ability to build and maintain relationships. Of course creativity and imagination also belong to the list of reasons why playing outside is good for children. For example, Outdoor Play offers children the space to come up with their own game and to create adventures. Are they going through the jungle on safari this time or should a princess be saved from the castle?

This is how you stimulate your child to play outside more often

Although playing outside has a positive influence on different aspects of children's development, you don't always get them out easily. Don't fear, we have a few tips you can use to get the children out:

Tip 1: Make outside games fun

Playing outside in an unsafe street or boring neighborhood is not always fun. Not very strange if the children refuse to play outside. That is why it is important to go to locations where your little one can enjoy. Think of the playground, a park or the forest. Here they have plenty of room for running, climbing and scrambling.

Tip 2: Make sure your child can also play with others

Another tip that stimulates your little one can be playing outside to ensure a playmate. You can do that by playing outside with your child or by involving other children. Children often like to play together and will be more likely to go outside if they know that there are other children to play with. Therefore, invite friends and girlfriends from the neighborhood, nephews and nieces or other children from the family or circle of friends to come and play.

Tip 3: Give a good example

We can all be outside a bit more often. As a parent, give a good example and show that you find outside games important. For example, go for a walk with your child or go and cycle together when the weather is nice. Children are just like parrots, they want everything their parents do too.

Tip 4: Limit Screen time

Nothing is nowadays as treacherous as tablets and television. Yes, it is indeed a lot easier to give a tablet to your child for distraction, but it is not healthy. As a parent you can therefore make agreements with your child about screen time. Encourage your child to first play outside after school, then they can always look inside. But, often they are so busy outside that they have already forgotten the tablet.


Do your child like to play outside and what do you do as a parent to stimulate this healthy behavior? Share your tips in the comments!

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