Summer vacation! 7 Fun tips & outings to do together

Zomervakantie! 7 Leuke tips & uitjes om samen te doen

Ues! The summer vacation is here. Time to relax, do fun things together and especially to enjoy the nice weather and each other. Although the summer vacation is a very nice time, it can sometimes cause stress to parents. How do you keep your children busy during the summer holidays? Here are some nice ideas and tips that you can do together.

Fun guaranteed!


    1. Playing outside

    2. Nothing goes above the traditional outdoor play. Let your child play outside with boyfriends and girlfriends. This is not only healthy, children can also lose their energy in this way. Is it also a lot quieter in the evening;)



      1. Picnicking

      2. Why would you have lunch at home inside if you can also get out together for a picnic? Choose a nice place in nature or book a picnic nearby, it's all possible. Prefer to arrange lunch yourself? The preparation for the picnic can be at least so much fun. Bake sandwiches together, lubricate currant buns and fill the basket. We know!



        1. Blowing bubbles and water fun

        2. Children really enjoy bubble. But there are also different games that you can play outside with, for example, water bottles. Or how about a water balloon fight? Water fun during the hot summer days offers the necessary cooling and hours of fun.



          1. Getting started with salt dough

          2. Making salt dough is a fun way for children to get through the day and also versatile. Make the nicest figures or craft a beautiful animal together, with salt dough you can leave your imagination the course. Do you not know how to make salt dough? There are different recipes online.



            1. Rent a boat

            2. Another nice idea to do during the summer holidays is renting a boat. Bicycle boat, canoe or a sailboat, it's just what you feel like! A day on the water is wonderfully relaxing and children often love water. There are also places where you can swim, combine the two once.



              1. fun in the amusement park

              2. A classic: Go to the amusement park. In the Netherlands we have enough different amusement parks where children can walk. Nice climb, in the merry -go -round or if you are really cool: in the roller coaster. Tip: Have your child choose the amusement park, double pleasure.



                1. Go camp in the back garden

                2. Children really enjoy camping. Are you not going away this year, but do you want to surprise your child in an original way? Camping in the back garden! Put on the tent together and invite some boyfriends and girlfriends. Hand that this is one night that is not soon forgotten. Super fun to do, small effort.

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