Stress due to Saint Nicholas with children. Yes, it really exists! This is how you deal with it

Stress door sinterklaas bij kinderen. Dit is hoe je ermee omgaat

A few nights of sleep and then Saint Nicholas is back in the country. For children this means a party, party and again a party. Chocolate letters in your shoe, a carrot for Americo and on December 5 Package evening with the whole family. But did you know that children can also experience stress from Saint Nicholas? Think of sleepless nights, extremely busy behavior or choice stress to put together a gift list. As a parent, how are you best dealing with this? In this blog we share a few tips and tell how you can recognize Saint-stress with the little one.

Stress due to Saint Nicholas ? This is how you recognize it

Children who are sensitive or more difficult to deal with changes simply experience more stress than others. Although Saint Nicholas is a very nice party full of fun, it can also cause stress. But how do you recognize that stress in your child? Here a few symptoms:

  • Your child is busier than normal and has a poor concentration.
  • Your child is more sensitive around this period, think of crying quickly or being angry.
  • Your child asks more questions than normal.
  • Your child wakes up more often at night and sleeps poorly.
  • Your child indicates that he has more abdominal pain.

Do you recognize three or more symptoms in your child? Here are a few tips on how to help as a parent.

Don't plan too many parties in

Saint Nicholas is all about a party. At school, at the babysitter, in the village or the city and even with family and friends there is something to do. The question is whether you should actually be at all these events and parties. Because if you want to reduce the stress with your child, it is wise to keep your agenda calm. Do not finish too many activities and consciously choose which parties or activities you attend. You can meet this together. Is the little one still too young? Then choose which parties you go to.

Maintain structure and routine

We understand. During the holidays it is very tempting to let your child stay up or to deviate from your routine. But does your child quickly suffer from stress? Then it is wise to maintain the fixed structure and routine that you normally use. Hold on to the bedoutines and morning rituals and ensure that your child remains well rested. Staying up once later is not a disaster, but don't let it become the new routine for the month of December.

Sfraid of strangers

It is of course very nice to capture all your special moments on camera. But there are quite a few children who are afraid of Saint Nicholas or Piet. Do not force your little one to sit on Saint Nicholas his lap, or to come and give Piet a hand for a nice photo. Especially in a busy setting where there is loud music or are many people, this can cause overstimulation. In general, as a parent you don't have to do anything special for this, go on the signals that you give little one.

Hopefully the above tips give you a little guidance for the holidays. Don't forget to enjoy: the holidays revolve around fun and togetherness.


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