The spring break started: 13 fun activities for children

betaalbare activiteiten en uitjes kinderen

The first vacation of the school year has already arrived; The spring break. Do you already know what you are going to do with the little one? Or grandpa and grandma will fit this holiday so that you can get away from it yourself? Then we have no less than thirteen fun activities that you can do with the children to successfully get through the holiday.

13 activities to do together with the children during the spring break

    1. Organize a winter picnic: Spend time together in nature and enjoy the winter weather! Picnicking is a fun activity to do with the children during the school holidays. Prepare tasty dishes in advance or spread a few sandwiches with toppings and you are ready to go. Most parks and forests have benches and open picnic spots.
    2. Choose a nice bike ride: This is a fun way to enjoy the outside air together and at the same time get some exercise. There are various cycling routes in the Netherlands, also suitable for children. Take your bike ride extra fun by lunching somewhere at the end of the trip or something to drink.
    3. Look for treasures in nature with geocaching: Ever heard of geocaching? This is a fun way to let children discover and explore. GeoCaching is a kind of modern scatting trip in which the participants go looking for hidden treasures in nature with the help of GPS coordinates. Especially for children who need extra stimulation, Geocaching is a nice challenge.
    4. Go for a quiet walk in nature: A fun activity that lets you enjoy the outside air and what exercise is walking. Take a walk along a river or more, or opt for a beautiful nature area nearby.
    5. Painting with flowers and leaves: This is a fun way to introduce children to nature and to show them how beautiful the flowers and leaves they can find in the neighborhood. Use the flowers and leaves to make prints on paper or use them as brushes to paint with.
    6. Going into the garden to decorate flower pots: Now that spring is coming, this is a fun way to encourage children to spend more time outside and learn about plants. Go into the garden together to decorate flower pots with paint, markers or stickers. When it's time to pots you can use these decorated jars.
    7. Making a birdhouse or insect hotel: This is a fun way to teach children about nature and how they can help to protect animals. Especially if you want to consciously and sustainably raise your children, this is an educational activity. Make a birdhouse or insect hotel from all kinds of materials such as wood, papier-mâché, or even an old milk suit and help the local animals in the neighborhood!
    8. Folding paper planes or boats: Still too cold outside? Then you can also get started inside. How about a nice day of tinkering? Folding planes or boats together is a fun way to keep children busy and to help them develop their fine motor skills. No paper to hand? No problem. You can fold paper planes or ships from old magazines or newspapers.
    9. A visit to a museum or science center: For all curious and inquisitive children, a visit to the museum is a fantastic outing during the holidays. Show the little ones how fun and interesting learning can be. Let them get acquainted with historical artifacts, natural science principles or technological innovations.
    10. A trip to a zoo or aquarium: Let your children learn more about animals and their living environment! In the zoo the children get to see animals that they would otherwise not see soon. In this way they learn in a fun way about the behavior of animals, what they eat and what their role in nature is.
    11. Doing your own experiment: A fun way to show children how science works is by experimenting. Start with a simple experiment such as making a volcano or go for a simple chemical response. This way you combine learning and fun in a challenging way.
    12. A visit a library: We wrote it before in our other blogs, reading is very good for development. A visit to the local library is therefore a great way to show children how much pleasure they can experience reading a book. Libraries often also have children's programs during the holidays such as reading sessions or storytellers, so double pleasure!
    13. Follow an educational cooking course: Would you like to teach your children about food, hygiene and cooking? Then a cooking class or course is a fun activity for the holidays. By cooking something new together they learn about nutrients, use the right quantities and how they can follow a recipe. Best? You can then eat your bacon experiment together!
What are you going to do this holiday?

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