Buy safe toys? You have to pay attention to this!

Veilig speelgoed kopen? Hier moet je op letten!

Children learn to playfully, toy is therefore good for development. Yet it is important that children play with the right toys at the right age. Do you know which toys fits best with the development phase of your child? Here a few tips & amp; tricks.

Buy toys? Always pay attention to the packaging

Are you going to buy toys for a child? Always pay attention to the toy packaging. This tells you exactly what you need to know and whether the toys are suitable for the age of the child. Toys for toddlers, for example, is made of very different material than toys made for toddlers. Fortunately, toys in Europe must always meet strict requirements.

Tips for buying safe toys

But what should you pay attention to when buying toys? Or what is a suitable gift to give to young children? Here a few tips:

  • Small children like to put everything in their mouths. In this way learn and discover them. All the more important that the toy is easy to wash and whether there are no small parts that can be released.
  • Toys with strings, wires or things in which children can get trapped is a no-go. Certainly when they are still under three years old.
  • Pay attention to toys that makes hard sound. This can damage the hearing of children without realizing it.
  • Buy good quality toys. Wooden toys is a good example of this. Moreover, wooden toys is also a sustainable choice.
  • Toys with magnets or small batteries? Check if they are stuck properly and cannot just shoot loose. When children get this it can be dangerous.
  • Pay attention with chemicals in toys, make sure that the materials used are poisonous.

Playing at different ages

Children also like to play together. Do you have an older child who likes to play with his younger brother or sister? Then let them play with the toys of the youngest. Even when older children come across the floor, it is wise to keep the toys apart. If necessary, let the older children play at the table so that the little one can put nothing in his mouth.

Cleaning up toys

Are you done playing? Then clean up the toys immediately! Not only do you prevent junk in the house, you also learn your children right ways in this way. Another advantage of cleaning up all the toys right away is that accidents are prevented: nobody has to stumble over toy lying around and there remains unsafe toys from the smallest.

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