Read to your child: This is why reading aloud is so important

Voorlezen aan je kind: Dit is waarom voorlezen zo belangrijk is

Reading aloud is essential for the development of your child. Yet a lot more was read by parents to their child than is the case today. Shame! In this blog we explain why reading aloud is so important and we give a number of tips to make the reading more fun for you and your child!

Why reading aloud is so good for your child

Young children learn through what happens around them. That also applies to learning language and new words. All language that is taught by children at a young age is based on what they get through hearing. When you talk and communicate a lot with each other as a family you will see that your child learns to talk much faster and develop a broader vocabulary about time. Reading aloud at a young age therefore also contributes to this. Don't you know exactly where to start? Then try to read a book half an hour before going to sleep! You can always set up or reduce, so you will find a rhythm that suits you.

Tips to make the reading more fun

To make reading even more fun, we have a number of tips:

  • Try to involve your child in the story while reading. This is also called interactive reading. While reading you can ask your child questions or portray the expressions and emotions that appear in the story. This way your child learns to recognize emotions. After reading the story together, it is also an idea to ask your child to ask his or her opinion such as "What did you think of the chapter or the characters in the book?" This contributes to the oral language skills of your child.
  • Take it together before bedtime in the evening routine. Not only does this ensure that your child knows that it is almost bedtime, you also create a precious moment for each other. In addition, reading is a real relaxing activity and can therefore be done in the evening.
  • Let your child choose the book yourself! This makes reading aloud fun for both. Would you like to see your child taking a book out of the closet more often? You can encourage this by having your child choose the books from now on.
  • Try to read together more often. Research has shown that children who read are less likely to get bored at school, develop a better concentration and are generally more instructive. What reading a good book is not good for ...
  • Make the book a role play! Try a chapter from the book that you read to play with the family. This appeals to your child's social skills and ensures a fun afternoon.

This way you can see again, there are plenty of options and tips to make reading a fun opportunity. So it doesn't have to be boring at all! What was your favorite book when you were a child?

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