More sustainable living? This is how you integrate sustainability into your family!

Duurzamer leven met het gezin

We are becoming increasingly aware of our environment and the world in which we live. Anyway, because together we determine how we leave the world for our children. Would you like to take the step and live more sustainably with the family? Then we have a few tips on how you can do that. Read all about it in this blog.

Why is it important to integrate sustainability into upbringing?

Sustainable Living is not at all for goat wool socks types. In fact, more and more families in the Netherlands are choosing to live sustainably. This is not necessary in an extreme way, for example, producing less waste makes a difference. If we consciously deal with what we buy, use and throw away, we can contribute to the preservation of nature and to reduce waste. By making sustainable choices, such as choosing energy -efficient products or using sustainable means of transport, you as a family can even save money in the long term. So there are enough benefits to such a sustainable lifestyle!

That's exactly why you can start the best early. It can help children to deal with nature and to be aware of their impact on the world. By integrating sustainability into the family, you teach your children to respect nature and to consciously deal with the sources that the earth gives us.

There are different ways in which parents can integrate sustainability into the family:

But how do you integrate sustainability into the family? Here a few ways and tips that help you lead a more sustainable life.

    1. Make sustainable choices when doing groceries. For example, choose organic, local and environmentally friendly products and avoid superfluous packaging.
    2. Try to save energy in the house. For example, lower the thermostat if you are not at home, use energy-efficient devices and replace light bulbs with LED lamps.
    3. Use sustainable means of transport. Choose a little more often to go to school by bike! If you still have to use the car, try carpooling with other parents or family members.
    4. Make a vegetable garden together. This is a fun way to involve children in the process of growing food and self -sufficient life. In addition, it is of course also great to do odd jobs together in the garden. Let the little ones themselves choose what vegetables or fruit they want to grow in the vegetable garden, so they learn to deal with nature in a fun way.
  • Set a good example. As a parent you are the most important example for your children. If you make sustainable choices yourself and consciously deal with nature, your children will do this too.
  • How do you integrate sustainability into the family?

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