Let your child sleep better with a night light? You have to pay attention to this!

Je kind beter laten slapen met een nachtlampje? Hier moet je op letten!

Night lights, who used to have none of them? Night lights come in all shapes and sizes. From a beautiful star or moon to a crazy monkey or nice luminous ice cream, nothing is too crazy. But what is the best option for a night light and what should you look out for when purchasing a night light? In this article you can read everything about night lights for children.


For whom is a night light intended?

In fact, everyone can use a night light, but in general night lights are used the most for young children and babies. Night lights have different functions, which is why not every night light is suitable for your child. That is why it is important to pay attention to the specifications before you buy the night light. Below some more information about the different target groups for night lights:


Night lights for babies

In the night with a bright light on the baby room is never a good idea. In this way you immediately wake up the baby and a bright light makes it harder to fall asleep quickly afterwards. In that case, a night light is the ideal solution. Even when you have to feed the baby at night, for example, a night light gives enough light without getting too much light. Another advantage of a night light in the baby room is the music functionality. There are night lights that can play music or lullaby songs, so that the baby falls asleep faster.


Night lights for young children

Many young children are often scared in the dark. Then a night light can be a good solution. The light of a night light is strong enough to highlight the room somewhat but keeps it dark enough to be able to sleep healthily for young children. The little light in the room often takes away the biggest fear from young children, so they can sleep well.


For what you can use night lights

Not all have night lights over countless useful functions, you can also use these lights to let children sleep independently, for example. Night lights ensure a safe and calm feeling with children, which means they will get nightmares less quickly at night or want to lie between mum and dad.

Another way to use the night light is when creating a sleep routine. In an earlier blog we already told about sleeping rowers and how these children can help learn to sleep longer in the morning. But these lights can also help you fall asleep faster by setting a fixed bedtime.

In addition to learning to sleep alone or creating a sleep routine, there are other benefits of night lights:

  • Children can get out of bed more easily when they have to go to the toilet at night. It is also easier to find the jar in the dark.
  • Many night lights have an adjustable red color. This promotes the melatonin production and children fall asleep faster.
  • The timer function on a night light is a handy functionality for children who are afraid in the dark. You can set with a timer so that children can fall asleep with a night light. The light goes out automatically after 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Some night lights can measure the room temperature, play music or serve as a sleeper, these are handy functionality that make the night lights multifunctional.
  • You no longer have to put on a bright light in the room, because night lights offer enough light to see everything well.

Enough options! Do you already know which night light you will order?

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