Let your child sleep longer with a children's alarm clock

Laat je kind langer slapen met een kinderwekker

Many children have difficulty sleeping through the night at first. Lying down longer in the mornings is often a problem for young children. Perhaps a children's alarm clock can help. These are often used to teach children to sleep a little longer. In this article you can read everything you need to know about children's alarm clocks and we have selected a few nice children's alarm clocks for you. Enjoy!


How does a children's alarm clock work?

Children's alarm clocks help children sleep longer. Children's alarm clocks can be useful, especially for young children who wake up early. Children's alarm clocks are a kind of alarm clock, but not like what we as adults are used to. These child-friendly alarm clocks show in a playful way that it is time for your child to go to sleep or to wake up. So it is not the case that your child just stares at the alarm clock all night long. You can set the child's alarm clock yourself by choosing a time to wake up or go to bed that is acceptable to you. When it is time to get out of bed, the child's alarm clock will change color or open its eyes, for example. This way, your child will only learn to get out of bed when the child's alarm clock indicates that this is allowed. You then set the alarm a little later so that your child gradually learns to get up later.


The benefits of a alarm clock for children

  • Many children's alarm clocks also contain a night light, so your child no longer has to be afraid at night.
  • Both the evening and morning routine become a lot easier. Both for you and for your child.
  • Your child will have a better sense of time and can start learning to tell time in a playful way.
  • And last but not least: more sleep for the parents!


The Beer alarm clock from Kadoing

De Bear alarm clock from Kadoing is a suitable alarm clock that helps children to sleep longer. The children's alarm clock has a wake-up light function. This function ensures that children wake up more naturally because about 10 to 15 minutes before the alarm goes off, the alarm clock starts to release a natural light. But that is not all, the children's alarm clock of gifting also has a tap function, with this function you can press the bear to see different emotions on the face of the bear. This children's alarm clock is therefore not only useful when you want to teach your child to sleep for longer, it is also a nice alarm for your child himself!


The Bunny alarm clock of Kadoing

In addition to the bear there is also another animal version of the children's alarm clock; The Bunny alarm clock! Just like the bear, this children's alarm clock has the same functions and light positions only with cute rabbit ears. Both alarm clocks have a built-in rechargeable battery and are BPA-free. That makes the children's weakers of Kadoing child -friendly and sustainable.

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