Is your child afraid of the dark? This is how you deal with it!

Halloween en kinderen die bang zijn in het donker

During Halloween, on October 31, people dress up as a monster or ghost and celebrate this holiday. For small children this is often impressive. As soon as it gets dark, the imagination plays up and that one chair in the room becomes a monster, or there is a ghost in the wardrobe. After all, you cannot see in the dark, making these fears extra realistic. As a parent, don't you know how to deal with this? We share some tips!

Why are we afraid in the dark?

First of all it is important to discover or know why children get scared in the dark. This often has to do with stress. For example, think of going to school for the first time, learn to become clean or when things happen at home that are new to the little one. But also stories of boyfriends and girlfriends who might be about scary things can evoke stress or fear that makes your child sleep poorly at night.

How do you deal with the fear of your child?

But how do you deal with the fear of your child? Here we have a number of tips that help to remove the fear of dark from your child:

Reply understanding

Although ghosts and samples under the bed of course do not exist, it is important that you take the fears of your child seriously. Recognize this. That does not mean that you have to confirm that ghosts and samples exist, but tell you that you understand why your little one is scared and that that fear is valid. Then it is important to emphasize that nothing will happen to your child and that you know for sure. By telling this full of confidence, you are already taking the fear away for a large part.

Chase away the ghosts

As we said before in this blog, it is difficult for children to distinguish the reality of fantasy. It therefore helps to play in the imagination or fear of your child. What do we mean by this? It is up to you to chase away the ghosts and samples under the bed. Make yourself big and show that you are the protector! Put a loud voice on and tell all the samples and ghosts that they do not belong here and have to leave. In this way you impress your child. Because of this they believe that the samples really leave. The night has been saved and they can now continue to sleep again.

A boyfriend for the dark nights

Samples can't go where the light shines. A night light and animal friend with a soft light can offer enough protection. As soon as children have a nightmare or play their imagination, they only have to open their eyes to see a slightly lit room: there is nothing wrong! Looking for a handy night light? Then we advise you to once assortment !

With the above tips you know for sure that your little child will get a healthy night's sleep. Samples and ghosts are now a thing of the past. One last tip: if your child has a lively imagination, it is a smart idea to avoid scary films or terrible images. That way you prevent tension or scary memories that can ensure that your child has nightmares at night. As a parent you also go to bed with confidence.

Sleep tasty!

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